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Industrial Injection CP3 Pump 07.5-18 Dodge Cummins 6.7L II Reman CP3 + - 0986437334SE-IIS

Thoroughbred Sku #: IIS0986437334SE-IIS-CRE

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Product Details

Product Name: Fuel Injection Pumps - 07.5-18 Dodge Cummins 6.7L
Manufacturer: Industrial Injection
Manufacturer Part #: 0986437334SE-IIS
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: IIS0986437334SE-IIS
Fitment Notes: Industrial Injection Fuel Pump 07.5-18 Dodge Cummins 6.7L II Reman CP3 + - 0986437334SE-IIS

Thoroughbred Diesel now offers OEM stock replacement parts. Shop below for remanufactured Bosch fuel injection pumps. When you buy OEM stock replacement parts you will save big money vs. going to a dealership and paying inflated costs. At Thoroughbred Diesel there is also a Free Shipping Special on all of our stock fuel pumps. Keep in mind, we also offer Ford and Chevy stock replacement injection pumps. The CP3 injection pump from Industrial Injection is the leading pump on the market. We strive to deliver the best diesel performance parts to the end user. We have a genuine bosch rebuilding facility in our shop. We take pride in all of our parts and help you get the best overall performance from your truck. This injection pump is a Bosch new injection pump. For added power and mileage look into our performance line of pumps.


  • Needing to know if there is a test I can do to verify my cp3 is bad before I order this one for my 16 mega cab there a output test I can preforms or anything you guys could recommend? It has good fuel coming into the pump and hardly anything through the lines to fuel rail

    Danny laws | 5/31/2021

    If your lp psi is 10-15 psi. then ,with a scan tool you would want to see ”desired” rail pressure and “actual”rail psi. Desired is what the ecm is calling for and actual is what the cp3 is sending to the rail. The cp3 psi is controlled by the fuel control actuator, the sensor on the cp3.  You would also want to unplug the fuel control actuator and see if the cp3 builds more rail pressure. If not the cp3 is faulty.

  • is there a warrenty on this product

    katie | 12/12/2020

    1 year.

  • So I have a 2007.5 6.7 Cummins cab and chassis so this pump will not work on it If I'm understand this correctly

    Fadhil Alissa | 7/12/2019

    The CP3 pump is the same on the Cab & Chassis trucks, injectors and tuning in the ECM is the only thing different on the cab and chassis trucks.

  • Well this fit 08 6.7 industrial motor in a CTR log skidder

    James Keller | 7/7/2021

    We will need engine serial number to ensure the pump is correct.