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VP44 Injection Pumps
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VP44 Dodge Injection Pumps

A big part of Thoroughbred Diesel gaining the reputation of "Saving Diesel Lives" is due to our free advice that we have given over the years on the VP44 injection pump for the 98-02 Dodge Cummins. At Thoroughbred Diesel we are a real diesel performance shop that understands the importance of a truck down situation which is why we are happy to got the extra mile and offer up free advice. The other reason for free advice on VP44 questions is that we understand just how intimidating it can be to shop for VP44 injection pumps. Should I buy a remanufactured Bosch VP44 injection pump or spend a little extra for the 24 month warranty VP44? Do I need a performance hot rod VP44? Should I buy a VP44 combo package deal with a upgraded FASS or AirDog lift pump? We are here to help, stop CLICKING and call us toll free at 866-737-4966 for free expert VP44 advice from a real diesel performance specialist.

VP44 injection pump
VP44 Injection Pump
VP44 combo's
VP44 Combo Package
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Common DTC Codes Associated with VP44 Diagnosis

  • P0216 (Fuel Injection Pump Timing Failure)- This code has often been misunderstood as the VP44 “Code of Death". It does not automatically mean the VP is bad. Low lift pump pressure and misaligned keyway can also set this code. If customer has good fuel pressure and keyway alignment has been confirmed, look to VP being bad.
  • P0251 and P0253 (Fuel Injection Pump Fuel Valve Failure)- The fuel solenoid on the VP is bad. This is a internal failure of the VP44.
  • P0336 (Crank Shaft Position Sensor Signal) - This code is associated with the 1998.5 and 1999 Trucks because these were the only years with Crank Position sensors. CKP sensor failures are very common in these year trucks and can cause a no start, hard start, or even an erratic idle. Verify crank signal with hand held scanner before condemning the VP44
  • P1688 (Internal Fuel Pump Controller Failure)-This code usually means bad PSG (Pump Computer) on the VP44 and can most of the time be considered a VP failure.
  • P1689 (No Communication between ECM and Injection Pump Controller)-This is usually a sign of PSG failure on the pump, but customer also needs to check wiring between ECM and Pump controller to make sure signal is reaching pump. Also, faulty fuel pump relay can cause this code. Please swap fuel pump relay with horn relay in fuse panel and see if truck will run.
  • P1690 (Fuel Injection Pump does not agree with ECM CKP Sensor)-on 1998.5 and 1999 trucks suspect faulty Crank Position sensor. If CKP signal is good, suspect faulty VP44.
  • P1691 (Fuel Injection Pump Controller Calibration Error)-Faulty VP44. Pump computer is faulty which will require VP44 replacement.
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