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Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives

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Performance Formula
Performance Formula
Winter 1000
Winter 1000
Injector Cleaner
Injector Cleaner
Lubricity Formula
Lubricity Formula
Performance Formula Warm Weather
Warm Weather
Which Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive Is Right For You?
WINTER 1000®
Wax Modifier-Pour Point Depressant
Lowers temperature at which fuel will pour by up to 40°F (22°C)
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Wax Dispersant (patented)
Keeps wax crystals evenly distributed throughout the fuel
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Avoids harmful corrosion and accelerated wear caused by alcohol use
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Freeze Depressant
Lowers freeze-point of water in fuel
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Deposit Modifier
Softens hard deposits allowing for their removal. Meets Cummins L10
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Cleans existing soft deposits and prevents additional deposit build-up
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Coats internal parts of fuel system to allow better fuel flow and less friction
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Corrosion Inhibitor
Protects fuel injection parts from rust and corrosion
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Water Demulsifier
Causes water to come out of emulsion/ suspension so Filter/Separator can remove it
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Fights formation of corrosion and rust. Keeps fuel fresher
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Cetane Improver
Improves power, reduces emissions, faster start-ups, smoother idling and acceleration
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Highly Concentrated Lubricant
For use in fuels with very poor lubricating properties
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Treatment Ratio 1:500 1:1000 1:500 1:400 1:1000
Stanadyne diesel fuel additives provides cold and hot weather protection; increase horsepower and improved fuel economy; lubricates and reduces wear of injectors and other critical components; cleans and prevents deposit buildup; reduces smoke and particulate emissions; helps remove water; fights rust and corrosion; and upgrades and stabilizes fuel, among other benefits.

Stanadyne's expertise in diesel fuel systems is reflected in the company's line of diesel fuel additives, designed to address all major common fuel related problems such as cold weather operability, low sulfur lubricity, hard starting/low power, as well as helping remove water and prolonging the effective life of diesel and gasoline fuels.

Stanadyne is the only fuel system manufacturer in the world to market its own range of diesel fuel additives. It is the only independent diesel fuel additive brand tested and approved by many of the world's leading engine and vehicle manufacturers. In addition, independent testing has shown Performance Formula® to be the best diesel fuel additive available. Experts in diesel service recommend Stanadyne diesel fuel additives.

Stanadyne diesel fuel additives are the
only ones in the world that are:
  • Made by a fuel injection systems manufacturer
  • Tested and approved by major diesel engine
    and vehicle manufacturers
  • Proven to perform best in independent tests
Stanadyne diesel fuel additives protect
and improve the performance of all diesel
fuel injection systems, including:
  • High pressure common rail
  • Unit Injectors
  • Rotary distributor pumps
  • In-line pumps
FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions
Q Where can I purchase Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Addtives?
A Stanadyne fuel additives are available from all Stanadyne Service Dealers in North America and other select retailers. Go to the Dealer Locator section of this website to find an authorized dealer in your area.

Q What is the Treatment Ratio of Stanadyne Diesel Fuel addtives?
A Treatment ratios vary depending on which Stanadyne fuel additive that you are using. Please reference the product label or the 99549 Diesel Fuel Additive Brochure in the Diesel Fuel Additives documents section of this website for treatment ratios.

Q Do Stanadyne diesel fuel additives contain alcohol?
A All Stanadyne diesel fuel addtives are alcohol free.

Q What is the shelf life of Stanadyne's Diesel Fuel Additives?
A Stanadyne fuel additives can be stored for up to 24 months without deteriorating if they are unopened and in a suitable storage environment. Additives will begin to deteriorate when stored longer or improperly but can still be used but may lose some effectiveness.

Q Why do I have to store Stanadyne fuel additives in a location that is above freezing?

A Because Stanadyne fuel additives will freeze in their concentrated form but not once they are added to the diesel fuel.

Q Are Stanadyne diesel fuel additives compatible with high pressure common rail fuel systems and will they harm exhaust aftertreatment systems?
A Stanadyne diesel fuel additives are compatible with all types of fuel systems and will not harm aftertreatment systems.

Q Can I use Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Addtives to treat Bio-Diesel?
A Stanadyne additives will effectively treat the diesel (petroleum) portion of biodiesel and increase water separation up to B20, but ineffective on 100%

Q Can Stanadyne's diesel fuel additives be used in bulk storage tanks?
A All Stanadyne diesel fuel additives are suitable for use in bulk storage application. However, the conditions under which it is added to the storage tank will have an impact on the rate at which it is dispersed. The level of homogeneity of additive in the tank depends on several factors such as temperature of the base fuel & additive, the size of the bulk storage tank, the degree of agitation in the tank, etc. If there is mixing/agitation in the storage tank, then the additive will be homogeneous and remain that way. However, if there is no mixing/agitation the level of dispersion in the storage tank will be an unknown variable as the rate of dispersion depends on the factors listed above. To obtain proper dispersion in a bulk storage tank, add the recommended ratio of fuel additive to the tank prior to adding the fuel. The addition of the base fuel will provide the necessary mixing/agitation. At the end of fueling, the mixture in the fuel tank should be homogeneous.
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Performance Formula
Performance Formula
Winter 1000
Winter 1000
Injector Cleaner
Injector Cleaner
Lubricity Formula
Lubricity Formula
Performance Formula Warm Weather
Warm Weather
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