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Judgement Day Oct 1, 2016 in Winchester KY

Stock Class Registration

8th annual dyno day
Pre-Register for Event
Pre Register for our Dyno Event
Stock Class - 2.6 Class - Outlaw Class
  • Free Dyno Day T-Shirt with Registration
    Gifts given day of event.
  • Limited amount of trucks will run in each class, sign up today to ensure your spot
  • View Stock Class Rules Below
  • NOTE: we will not run any trucks on the dyno that have exhaust exiting in front of the rear wheels. Also, hood stacks will have to protrude more than 10 inches from the hood.
    Workstock Class Change: Any trucks in workstock that produce more than 650 RWHP will have their horsepower numbers moved to 2.6.
stock class winners
1 Chevy Carson Hall 638.6 1,132.3 1,770.9
2 Chevy Logan T. Gregory 515.3 1,155 1,670.3
3 Ford Colt Minton 591.5 1,073.6 1,665.1
4  Ford Brandon Roberts 547.9  1,042.6 1,590.5
5 Chevy  Gene Jolly 522 1,031.5 1,553.5
6 Chevy Bobby Rankin 472.6 1,033.5 1,506.1
7 Ford Ryan Daugherty 531 958.2 1,489.2
8 Chevy Casey Cantrell 540.2 928.7 1,468.9
9 Dodge James Cline 494.6 950.9 1,445.5
10 Dodge Jared Cox 503.3 927.9 1,431.2
11 Chevy Ethan Hale 512.5 903 1,415.5
12  Chevy Carl Fuchs 505.0 882.6 1,387.6
13  Chevy Josh Harms 475.4 893.0 1,368.4
14 GMC Craig Hestand 452.7 843.2 1,295.9
15 Ford James Hollon 448.4 799.2 1,247.6
16 Chevy Phillip Heil 436.2 791.3 1,227.5
17 Ford Shawn Johnson 454.9 767.6 1,222.5
18  Dodge Gustav Piepenburg 384.3  815.4 1,199.7
19 Dodge Kyle Nickell 373.9 816.2 1,1901
20 Chevy Charles Hall 423.4 757.2 1,180.6
21 GMC Garrett Shannon 413 745.2 1,158.2
22 Chevy Michael Yazell 397.3 739 1,136.3
23  Dodge Rich Holt 259.1 635 894.1
24 Ford Tyler McManis 153.7 299.7 453.4
Payouts for Stock & 2.6L Classes:
1st = $750
2nd = $500
3rd = $250
Payouts for Unlimited Class:
1st = $1,000
2nd = $750
3rd = $500
Thoroughbred Diesel
4843 Rockwell Rd.
Winchester, KY 40391
Workstock Rules
Workstock Rules NOTE: Any trucks in workstock that produce more than 650 RWHP will have their horsepower numbers moved to 2.6.
  1. The Work Stock (WS) class is designed for daily-driven, on-the-road pickup trucks (full-bodied diesel pickup trucks). Valid DOT registration and license plates are mandatory.
  2. Chassis: The OEM chassis is mandatory. The engine must be in the OEM location for the body used. The vehicle must retain the full OEM chassis. Wheel tubs, back-half conversions, tube chassis, etc., are prohibited.
  3. Credentials: All drivers must have a valid state driver's license. And a proof of valid insurance may be required.
  4. Engine: The engine is limited to a stock-appearing, OEM compression ignition engine, available from the factory in a one ton or smaller truck.
  5. Driveline: An OEM transmission and transfer case are mandatory. They must have been an option on a one-ton or smaller pickup.
  6. Fuel Injection Pump: The fuel injection pump is limited to a stock-appearing, OEM engine model-specific pump only. The use of multiple high-pressure common-rail fuel pumps is prohibited. Pumps from different years in the same engine model may be interchanged. P-pumped 24 valves will be allowed, automotive governor only, No AG Governors. No Sigma or Multi Plunger per cylinder pumps.
  7. Water Meth, Propane, and Nitrous are PROHIBITED.
  8. Turbocharger: The turbocharger is limited to a stock OEM/Factory charger only. All work stock trucks must have the turbo that came with the trucks model year platform. Billet wheels are permitted. 6.4L Powerstroke turbo is permitted. The 6.4 Power Stroke engine may utilize the factory twin turbo configuration. Billet wheels are permitted.
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