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Fuel Injection Pump

Fault Code: 329
PID: S233
SPN: 1077
FMI: 12
LAMP: None
Engine ECM has detected an overpumping malfunction in the Cummins accumulator pump system (CAPS) pump.

Low power; possible engine shutdown.

CAPS Injection Pump
Circuit Description

The ECM monitors several variables, including accumulator pressure, valve close angle, and injection control valve open-time, to determine if the pump has malfunctioned.

Component Location

The CAPS fuel injection pump is located on the intake side of the engine.

Shop Talk

Fault Code 329 can result due to one or more of the following:

  • Other fault codes that are caused by bad grounds. Make sure to troubleshoot other fault codes before following the 329 fault code troubleshooting tree.
  • High fuel inlet restrictions and/or air in the fuel can set the fault code.
  • Fuel that does not meet Fuels for Cummins Engines, Bulletin 3379001, criteria, specifically density and viscosity, has also been know to set fault code 329.
  • High fuel inlet temperatures can also set fault code 329. Fuel temperatures at the inlet to the gear pump should not exceed 60°C [140°F] on ISC and 71°C [160°F] on ISL engines (Not the INSITE electronic service tool temperature reading).
  • This fault code could also be caused by a fuel leak in the sealing plate between the injection control valve and the distributor. The injection control valve module should be replaced if a fuel leak in the sealing plate has been identified.
  • Fault Code 329 can be caused by broken internal injection control valve components and/or by poor lubricity fuel which scuffed the internal components of the injection control valve.
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