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Vibrant Performance VanJen Clamping System


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Product Details

Product Name: VanJen Clamping System
Manufacturer: Vibrant Performance

The VanJen Clamping System is the ultimate in flexible, banded clamp connector solutions. Got questions stop clicking and call us toll free at 866-737-4966, we give free advice daily.

Constructed entirely from T6061 Aluminum, and featuring a unique Quick Release clamping mechanism, the Vibrant VanJen Clamp provides a leak-free, modular connection that is ideal for pressurized air applications. Capable of withstanding up to 110 psi. operating pressure and temperatures up to 400 deg. F, the VanJen Clamping System is ideal for turbo intake plumbing.

The VanJen Clamping System consists of 2 Weld Fittings (with O-Rings), one Union Sleeve, a safety pin and a spring loaded Clamp assembly designed specifically for automotive use. Once the fittings are welded to the tubing, the union sleeve houses the fittings and is held in place by the clamp assembly. Once assembled, the VanJen Clamping System provides a flexible connection that can withstand vibration, movements along its axis, lateral misalignment and angular deflection (up to 12 deg.).

  • T6061 Aluminum
  • Two (2) weld fittings (with O-Rings)
  • One (1) union sleeve
  • One (1) spring loaded clamp assembly
  • A safety pin


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