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Product Name: Stryker
Manufacturer: TS Performance

The diesel industry has waited long enough for a plug & play module that works with the DPF filter intact. TS Performance, your leader in fuel economy, has just released the Stryker, a new injector duration module that adds up to 135 horsepower and 200 ft./lbs. of torque. The Stryker controls the duration of the injector nozzles for a cleaner and more efficient burn in the cylinder, affording an increase in power and torque without shortening the life of the filter. The unit is completely undetectable, so there's no worries about warranty issues. Best of all, you simply plug it in and drive. The Stryker uses load-based programming so the harder you use your truck the better it works. And there's no smoke.


  • Control injector duration
  • Adjust fuel pressure based on load and throttle position
  • Works with DPF filter in tact
  • Reduces DPF cycles
  • Stackable With Other Downloaders
  • Get a cleaner and more efficient burn in the cylinder to increase power without shortening the lift of the filter
  • Plug & Play Install
  • Undetectable


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