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Rigid Industries E-Series, M-Series Light Cover


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Product Details

Product Name: E-Series, M-Series Light Cover
Manufacturer: Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries Dually light cover. These covers are a great addition to our Dually and Dually D2 lights and offer protection to the lens when the light is not being used. They also keep your vehicle street legal in states requiring light covers. The covers are very durable, made from polycarbonate and snap on/off with ease.

Light Covers

Rigid Industries has created snap on light covers for another first in the LED lighting industry. Available for the E-series, M-Series and Dually/D2 line of products. Made for polycarbonate plastic in 10" increments, these covers are tough and snap easily into place to protect you lighting investment. Needed for DOT approval in some States and for protection in the rest, the black or white covers fit the bill. Also available in amber, clear, blue, and red for different colored tinting applications. snap the amber onto you E-Series for instant improvements in dust, snow fog, and smoke. We are also proud to offer all of the same colors in our Dually and Dually D2 line of LED lights. Black and White covers have the traditional round logo while the tinted covers have "Rigid Industries" in test along the bottom of the cover as to not impede light output.