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Product Details

Product Name: Intercooler
Manufacturer: PPE

Description: PPE's Duramax intercooler is designed to be as large and efficient as possible while still fitting into a stock GMC or Chevrolet. These intercoolers will lower intake temperatures up to 120 degrees, flow about 15% better than stock, and will actually result in higher boost pressures. They also will give up to a 200 degree drop in exhaust gas temperatures, and are especially useful if you are in high load situations such as sled pulling, drag racing, or towing. For 2001-2010 Duramax diesel engines. Cooling capacity is added to intake charger increasing the amount of fresh air into the engine while significantly multiplying turbo charger efficiency which all equals to more hp and fuel economy. PPE's intercooler is the largest, most efficient intercooler in the industry providing 2,142 cubic inches of cooling volume, 98% more volume over the stock intercooler (which is 1,083 cubic inches).

The factory GM intercooler causes a 2-3 PSI turbo boost pressure drop in a completely stock
engine because of its small 1,083 cu in internal flow area. Larger PSI drops can be seen with increased
turbo boost (airflow into engine) causing a loss of power and efficiency. Pressure drop (wasted energy) is
virtually eliminated with PPE's larger and more efficient intercooler.

Looking for even more performance? LOOK NO FURTHER!

  • Provides a cooler denser charge of air intao the motor
  • Adds approx. 20HP more to the crank
  • Thoroughbred Diesel offers PPE GM Duramax and BD Diesel Dodge Cummins intercoolers.
  • Increase your boost pressure by decreasing your pressure loss in your OEM intercooler
  • For every 10 degrees cooler, there is a 1% HP gain
  • For every 1psi increase in boost, there is a 3% HP gain

**average temp. into an intercooler at 30 psi bost is approx 400 degrees- This means that the intercooler must cool a minimum of 320 degrees in order to have an 80 degree temp going into the engine.

Features of the PPE Intercooler:
  • Exact bolt-in fit
  • All aluminum construction
  • Reduces EGTs
  • Increases available turbo boost to engine
  • Increases fuel economy


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