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OZ Tuner EFILive AutoCal with Custom Switchable ECM Tuning w/o Switch - 13-17 Dodge Cummins

Thoroughbred Sku #: OZTOZ-ACC-67-1317
Manufacturer Sku #: OZ-ACC-67-1317


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Product Details

Product Name: CSP4 Autocal (No CSP4 Switch)
Manufacturer: OZ Tuner
Application: 2013-2017 Dodge Cummins 6.7L

All Cummins CSP4 AutoCals come loaded with CSP4 tune. Each Oz Tuner calibration is built off of a basic good running calibration, and is then tailored specifically for your needs and applications.

  • Note: You will need to use one of the following options to unlock the truck before it will accept custom tuning:
    • GDP ECM Unlock
    • BullyDog Watch Dog
    • Edge Insight Unlock CTS2
  • Note: If you purchase the Oz Tuner ECM Unlock, you must send your ECM into Oz.
  • *Tuers are non returnable due to being vehicle specific

**CSP4 Operating System**

Each CSP4 tune is built with 4 power levels. Oz Tuner will not build lope tunes, nor will we build or endorse the use of "Smoke Tunes".
Power levels are dependent on supporting modifications, but the basics of each level are described below.

  1. No Additional Fueling Added (Heavy Tow)
  2. Some added Fueling at higher RPM (Light Tow)
  3. Additional Low & High RPM Fueling (Street)
  4. Max Effort Tuning Per Supporting Modifications (Race)

*Naming of tunes is only to help distinguish the different power levels. Each tune can be used differently per an individual’s needs or driving style.

Data Collection Requirements:

Oz Tuner ECM Unlock or Edge Insight Unlock or BullyDog GTX.

  • Year
  • Transmission (68RFE Automatic, Aisin Automatic, Manual)
  • Transmission (Stock, Built, or Upgraded Clutch)
  • 2500 or 3500
  • Tire Size
  • 17 Digit VIN
  • Transmission Tuning (Add $299)
  • Transmission Tuning Details (Increase Line Pressure (170psi to 250psi), Converter Lock Up Timing, Adjust Shift Schedule to Prevent Gear Hunting, Custom Tailor Torque Management, Leave Open for Additional Explanation)
  • Truck Modifications (Injectors Size, Dual/Single CP3 and size, Turbo, Gear Ratio, Exhaust, etc.)
  • Truck Goals & Intended Uses
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
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