HSP Diesel Max Flow Bridge - Twin Turbo - LBZ, LMM Duramax

Thoroughbred Sku #: HSP009-HSP-X

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$489.25 - $529.25


Product Details

Product Name: HSP Diesel Max Flow Bridge - Twin Style - LBZ, LMM Duramax
Manufacturer: HSP Diesel
Manufacturer Part #: HSP009-HSP-X
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: HSP009-HSP-X
Fitment Notes: LBZ, LMM Duramax

Our precision cast and CNC machined bridge section allows for maximum efficiency, as well as a perfect fit every time. Our two-piece design allows for a much easier installation than the other kits on the market. Two M8 studs, 12-point nuts, and a high-strength O-ring locate and hold the 3" bridge together to eliminate the possibility of boost leaks. Our bridges have been pressure tested to over 100 PSI to ensure your truck can perform to its highest potential. A great start for the do it yourself type, looking to fabricate their own turbo kit.


  • Precision CNC machined Billet bridge section
  • (2) Bridge Neck Stud (902-RFAB)
  • (2) Bridge Neck 12-Point Nut (903-RFAB)
  • (1) Bridge Neck O-Ring (670-RFAB)
  • (24") 5/8" Heater Hose (401-RFAB)
  • (2) 5/8" Worm Gear Clamps (403-RFAB)


  • LBZ: 06-07 VIN Code 2 or D
  • LMM: 07.5-10 VIN Code 7


  • Increase performance and spool up
  • Port matched CNC machined billet bridge section
  • Better fitment over hand fabricated bridge section
  • Powder coat option to dress up engine bay
  • Two piece bridge design for easier install than other Y-bridge kits on the market
  • Versatile neck location allowing for multiple cold-side options
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