HSP Diesel Billet Front Engine Cover - 01-16 Duramax


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Product Details

Product Name: HSP Diesel Billet Front Engine Cover - 01-16 Duramax
Manufacturer: HSP Diesel
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: HSPFRONTENGINECOVER
Fitment Notes: 01-16 Duramax

HSP has developed a billet replacement front engine cover for the hard-core enthusiast. These beautifully machined pieces allow you to relocate your high-pressure fuel pump from the valley and mount it 180° in front of the motor. We also provide a second pump mounting location driven from the cam gear to allow two gear driver CP3 pumps. Due to the variations between specific applications, custom radiator fan and high-pressure fuel lines are required. Some additional benefits include being able to run up to three high-pressure pumps on the front cover. Also, steel CP3 mounting plates for a secure hold on pumps, room for larger intake manifolds due to CP3 relocation, and an oil fill hole for easy filling.

Must use Reverse rotation CP3 pumps - Requires modifications to coolant system, These components have been designed and are intended for closed course competition only! It becomes the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that the use of their vehicle and items purchased comply with federal, state, and local regulations. Performance products are legal only for sanctioned closed course racing vehicles, which may never be used on a public highway. The customer assumes all risks and expenses relating to unlawful vehicle operation on public roads. By purchasing this product, you have agreed not to hold HSP Diesel.com liable for unlawful vehicle operation


  • 6061 Billet front engine cover
  • (6) M8x1.25x40mm Socket Cap Bolts
  • (6) Lock Washers
  • (6) Standard Washers
  • (1) 3/4" NPT to -12 45°
  • (1) -12AN Cap
  • (4) M8x1.25x80mm Tapered Hex Head Bolt
  • (2) CP3 O-Ring
  • (1) Machined Blocker Plate
  • (1) Blocker Plate O-Ring


  • LB7: 01-04 VIN Code 1
  • LLY: 04.5-05 VIN Code 2
  • LBZ: 06-07 VIN Code 2 or D
  • LMM: 07.5-10 VIN Code 7
  • LML: 11-16 VIN Code 8


  • Dual gear driven CP3 pumps
  • Able to run up to three High pressure pumps on the front cover
  • CNC machined For a precision fit
  • Steel CP3 mounting plates for a secure hold on pumps
  • Oil fill hole for easy filling
  • Allows room for larger intake manifolds due to CP3 relocation
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