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Driven Diesel Mechanical Fan Clutch Adapter 03-18 5.9L / 6.7L Dodge Cummins

Thoroughbred Sku #: DVDGOS-FANHUB
Manufacturer Sku #: GOS-FANHUB

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Want to include a Replacement Fan Clutch Hub Bearing?

Product Details

Product Name: Mechanical Fan Clutch Adapter
Manufacturer: Driven Diesel
Manufacturer Part #: GOS-FANHUB
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: DVDGOS-FANHUB
Fitment Notes: 2003-2018 Dodge Cummins 5.9L / 6.7L

The GOS Fan Hub Adapter was originally developed for customers swapping a Cummins engine into a non-Dodge chassis. See the notes and information below for fan clutch and fan blade selection in a conversion application.

CUMMINS CONVERSION (COMMON RAIL) CUSTOMERS - Using the stock Dodge Common Rail electronic engine fan in a Cummins conversion project can be a real hassle. Many conversion owners have found that keeping the engine cool with the Dodge electronic fan can be quite challenging. This adapter hub from GOS Performance will allow the use of a standard mechanical fan clutch (Ford) and fan on your Common Rail Cummins engine. This eliminates messing around with electronic controls and provides a much more reliable "mechanical" solution to cooling your conversion engine.

We recommend using the Ford 1994-1997 Powerstroke Diesel Fan Clutch and the Ford 6.0L Fan (23.25" Diameter). We have tested a number of fan clutch brands and had the best luck with OEM Ford units (hard to find, older, good working used models worked best) and those from GMB. Your mileage may vary, but it is safe to say that even some brand new clutches do not perform as well as some old/used Ford units.

While it may be possible to fit the larger Dodge fan (26" Diameter) into some conversions, we can NOT provide you with information about doing so. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to measure your clearances and order the fan that will best fit your application.

IN EITHER CASE, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND replacing the bearing when changing the fan hub. Check the "Related Products" section below for details about the correct replacement bearing for this hub.

2003-2018 DODGE COMMON RAIL CUMMINS OWNERS - Due to the frequent problems with the OEM electronic fan clutch, you may be interested in switching to a good mechanical clutch solution. This adapter will allow you to make this change. You will need a mechanical fan clutch from a 1994-1997 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Pickup (see recommendations above), available in several brands from your local auto parts suppliers. Check the list below for the necessary parts combinations. In order to use your existing engine fan blade, you must have the 6-Bolt blade assembly (typically found on 03-08 trucks only). If you have the 4-Bolt blade assembly, you will need to purchase the fan blade as well (available from your local Dodge dealership). Please see the important notes below!

REQUIRED PARTS (by vehicle):

• 2003-2007 5.9L COMMON RAIL - Dodge Pickup
(1) This Assembled Cummins Fan Hub Adapter
(1) Ford 94-97 Fan Clutch (see recommendations above)
Your Stock 6-Bolt Fan Blade

• 2007-2018 6.7L COMMON RAIL - Dodge Pickup
(1) This Cummins Fan Hub Adapter
(1) Ford 94-97 Fan Clutch (see recommendations above)
Your Stock 6-Bolt Fan Blade
(1) 5.9L Cummins Engine Fan (available from Dodge)


Removing the Electronic Fan Clutch from your 2003-2018 Dodge Cummins Pickup WILL leave an error code in the computer. In our experience, this does not typically trigger the "Check Engine Light", but the soft code will always be present. At this time, we are not aware of any way to disable this code.

On some occasions, particularly in warmer climates, we have gotten reports of issues where the A/C will blow warm at idle or low engine speeds. There are several things to look at in these situations.

A/C Performance Factors:

  • This product was designed around the Ford cooling stack (Cummins engine in Ford chassis). The Ford cooling stack is sealed around the edges better than the Dodge stack. This results in better air flow control, which improves heating of the fan clutch (more positive operation) as well as helps the fan pull more air across the component that is farthest from the fan blade (A/C condenser)
  • It is not uncommon for older trucks to have dirt and debris building up in the cooling stack in the front of the vehicle. Anything that affects air flow across the stack will have an impact on low speed A/C operation.
  • Condition of all of the A/C components, particularly on older trucks, can be a factor.
  • Your factory computer controlled fan clutch can be commanded to increase fan speed by the computer when the A/C is turned on, even at low engine speeds...a mechanical fan clutch operates entirely on temperature and airflow across the front of the clutch.
  • An electric helper fan on the front of the A/C condenser can be used to remedy the issue with low speed A/C performance.

We are not responsible for any A/C performance issues. This product is not returnable once installed.


  • Can a severe duty fan clutch be used with the Ford adapter?

    Kenton | 9/12/2021


  • Does this adapter interfere with a/c performance?

    James | 6/18/2021

    On some rare occasions on the 6.7 Cummins we have had issues where the A/C will blow warmer due to air flow at idle.

  • I'm about to do the 7.3 powerstoke fan clutch swap on my 5.9 Cummins and I've found all the parts I'm needing on your website, besides the bearing for that pulley. Was hoping you could help me out so I can submit my order. Thank you

    Eric Farley | 1/4/2021

    We do not carry the pulley bearing.

  • Wondering how the fan clutch adapter you have works and what's it's purpose?

    Steve Atherton | 10/13/2020

    You are replacing the electronically controlled fan clutch, with a more reliable mechanical fan clutch, to help with cooling issues.