Flo Pro Angle Cut Bolt On Exhaust Tips


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Product Details

Product Name: Angle Cut Bolt On Exhaust Tips
Manufacturer: Flo Pro
Application: Fits Most Diesels

Flo Pro offers a full line of exhaust tips to put the finishing touch to the best sounding exhaust in the industry! So whether you've got a diesel relic, a shiny rig right off the lot, or anything in between the performance exhaust solution is with Flo~Pro.


  • I am putting a tip over a 6"OD diesel exhaust. What is the ID on your 6" tip and the ID of the 7" tip. Hoping the 6" will push on to the current exhaust pipe.

    Jerry Shannon | 1/27/2022

    I only offer the tips in 4” or 5” id’s.