Flo Pro 8" Round Mufflers - Aluminized or Stainless


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Product Name: 8" Round Mufflers - Aluminized or Stainless
Manufacturer: Flo Pro
Application: Fits Most Diesels

Flo Pro Performance has aluminized and stainless diesel mufflers that will look good and sound excellent for your diesel.

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  • I have 2009 3500 Dodge Ram 6.7 cummins I have a 5” pipe from turbo back and is extremely loud, I’d like to purchase the Fol Pro 8” round muffler 5” in- 5”out fiberglass Packed Perforated Core - 20" - 14”-7186Would that help making it less loud without loosing engine power?

    Geovanni | 6/27/2020

    Yes. this muffler will help reduce noise levels.

  • I would love to change the way my truck sounds it’s a 2018 ram 3500. Single cab the problem is. That it’s a 0 miles truck it’s still under dealership warranty so I wouldn’t like to change a lot. Or could you advise me on what I could do if just changing the muffler would. Do any difference. Since it has def and all dose plugs going into the. Excuse pipe thank you

    Rene avalos | 5/18/2019

    That’s a good question and I understand your frustration.  The problem is modifying your exhaust in any way could possibly void your warranty.  We have several DPF back exhausts and some of those actually get rid of the muffler on your vehicle and could be installed with those restrictions in mind. 

  • Is this a weld on or slip on installation ? Is it loud or soft meaning objectional or very mild and acceptable?

    Robert Ventura/Ventura Motors | 5/15/2019

    This is a slip on muffler that will need to be clamped.  This will increase the tone of your vehicle and weather its objectional or not will depend on the customer. 

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