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Product Details

Product Name: EGR Delete
Manufacturer: Diesel Site

Why do some replace the passenger side exhaust manifold?

In some of the 6.0L trucks, there is a small "scoop" in the exhaust pipe to direct exhaust into the EGR cooler. Many feel the need to remove this "restriction". While we agree that in real high hp applications this might be a slight issue, only a small amount of trucks even have this scoop to begin with. We have seen 2004 trucks not have them, and in the case of our 2005 company truck, ours had one. When we ordered an OEM replacement pipe for the 2005, the replacement did not have this scoop. So, it is silly and a waste of time to replace this exhaust pipe when you may not even have the scoop in yours to begin with.

The other LARGE issue is that kits on the market that replace this exhaust pipe all do so by replacing it with a solid pipe without the flexible joint. This factory installed flexible joint allows for expansion and contraction from heating and cooling cycles. Without this joint, the exhaust connections and turbo collector takes the abuse. The result is exhaust leaks, cracked manifolds, etc.

What if you have the scoop?

Leave it unless it really bothers you, or replace it with a stock pipe WITH the expansion joint.

  • Custom pre-formed silicon coolant hose for much easier installation. - Hose is flexible and much easier to work with in the confined spaces than that small section of silicon hose that other kits require you to install
  • Coolant nipple has a small amount of free play to allow for variances in casting machining tolerances in OEM manifold
  • All Viton O-rings for trouble free installation. - No gaskets
  • Solid stainless steel exhaust block off plate
  • CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum EGR valve delete plate
  • CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum coolant bypass connection
  • Comes with or without EGR Valve Block Off Plate
  • Advanced mechanical ability is recommended. There are no instructions supplied.
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