Choate 7.3 Workhorse – Long Block 7.3 Powerstroke

Thoroughbred Sku #: CEP73LW-CRE

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Product Details

Product Name: Choate 7.3L Workhorse - Long Block 1988-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L
Manufacturer: Choate Engineering Performance
Manufacturer Part #: 73LW
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: CEP73LW
Fitment Notes: 1988-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L

Full CNC blue print machining, (bore, deck, hone and line honed) - The Cylinder bores are blue print bored to a true 90 degrees from the crankshaft center line, prior to being diamond honed to within .0002" for precise piston to cylinder bore clearances. We main bore and line hone the crankshaft which is honed to precisely align the crankshaft in the engine block. We bore the block back to the crankshaft center line and hone the block to Ra 13 finish. The piston diameter measured to the nearest .0001" matched to cylinder bores. The Cylinder block is surfaced to a finish of 30 Ra or lower, which meets the factory specification in both flatness and smoothness for the block to head sealing surface. This is mandatory for proper sealing of a MLS Gasket.

Connecting Rods, new Damper and Flexplate for Automatic transmission. All Manual will be charged the appropriate charges and will be balanced to a stock flywheel we have in stock or you will need to send in your Aftermarket in first. - Check both wrist pin and crank pin to rod clearances

New Maxxforce HD Design Pistons  .010-.040 over - NEW Pistons, Rings, Pin Retainers weight matched prior to crank balancing

Crankshaft - Balanced with the Rotational assembly checked for run-out inspected for fatigue. Crankshaft is Polished and ground to .0005 concentricity or less

New OE Lifters, Lifter Guides and OE Crank Flange Bolts

Camshaft - Polished and Inspected

New  Rod, Main and Cam Bearings

Install New Rear Cover Gasket

Install Rear Main Seal

Install New Bed Seals

Install New Rear Cover Gasket

Install Upper and Lower Oil Pan Gaskets

Install Pickup Tube O-ring

Rear Cover Installed

Choate Engine Block Features:

  • Assembled by OUR Professional Team in house
  • Perfect for daily driving use, family haulers, recreational towing(not intended for commercial use).
  • 5 year 100K warranty on our Daily driver builds with upgrade-able options
  • For more information on Choate Engineering Performance Tuning call us at 1-859-737-4966


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