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Product Details

Product Name: Powerboards
Manufacturer: Bestop
Application: Dodge, Ford, & Chevy


  • Lowers in one second when doors are opened.
  • Retracts behind rocker panels when doors are closed.
  • Neatly concealed; won't catch on obstacles or collect road grime.
  • Activated by an electronic signal from truck's factory installed door sensors.
  • 600 lb. load capacity per side.
  • Weatherproof motor featuring anti-pinch technology.
  • Operates in all weather conditions; tested at temperature extremes from -40 F to +200 F.
  • OEM quality, corrosion resistant components.
  • Includes wiring, mounting hardware, and instructions.
  • Optional light kit now available.

The Powerboard by Bestop provides easy access. Open the door and the Powerboard lowers to meet your feet. Close the door and it retracts into its own concealed pocket, flush behind the rocker panels. The Powerboard supports up to 600 lbs. This heavy-duty, weatherproof step operates in climate extremes and won't catch on obstacles while you're driving. Made of OEM quality, corrosion resistant components. Quickly lowers in about one second with its weatherproof motor and anti-pinch technology. This is a must for those who want the convenience of a boost, without the blatant look of a traditional step.

Bestop Powerboard running boards are triggered by an electronic signal from the vehicle's factory door sensors and extends to a convenient stepping height in one second. The Powerboard running boards are powered by a heavy-duty, weatherproof motor. The Powerboard is lowered when any door is opened and Powerboard retracts when any door is closed. At the optimal ergonomic height for proper entry and exit without sacrificing ground clearance, it provides a natural step similar to steps found in your home. All Powerboard running board components are OEM quality and corrosion-resistant for long service life. The Powerboards are designed to operate normally in all weather conditions and is built to handle up to 600 lbs. per side.

The Powerboard by Bestop is the first fully automated running board available on the market. The Powerboard is triggered by an electronic signal from the vehicles factory door sensors and extends to a convenient stepping height in about a second. Powered by an encased motor that is mounted easily under the vehicle, the Powerboard is lowered when any door is opened. A closed door sends the automatic running board retracting to the neatly concealed pocket behind the vehicles OEM rocker panels, so invisible, you'll never even know it was there.

The step portion of the Powerboard is a painted aluminum extrusion and is capable of handling up to 600 lbs. capacity per side. The step itself is wide and flat allowing for good foot placement, and in the lowered position, it extends outward 10-12" allowing occupants to take more of a natural step in or out of the vehicle. A no-slip textured surface allows for usage in all weather conditions. The Powerboard has been tested in a variety of environments and temperatures from -40F to +200F.


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