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Banks Power iDash Digital Gauges


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Product Details

Product Name: iDash Digital Gauges
Manufacturer: Banks Power
Application: Fits Most Diesels


  • Real-time, dynamic data
  • Easy touchscreen control
  • Monitor Performance and Fuel Economy
  • Reads and Clears Codes
  • Add EGT, Backup Camera, and more

Vehicle monitoring - like no other!
Banks new iDash opens a window into the vital inner workings of your vehicle's ECU, letting you see what's beyond your dashboard gauges. Monitors and displays multiple vehicle parameters: speed, rpm, engine temps, etc. in analog or digital presentations. Logs performance and economy results. Set audible alarms, check or clear diagnostic codes at the touch of a button with its friendly touch screen. Designed to integrate into your vehicle's OBD II port.

AutoMind® Flash Programmer
Works with the iDash to tune your vehicle's fuel injection, ignition and transmission shift characteristics. This can deliver up to a 20-percent improvement in fuel economy for diesel pickups, and an increase in power as well. Please note: Not available for all vehicles. (Results vary by application, so call us to see what performance gains you can expect to see in your vehicle.)

Backup Camera
With the optional backup camera, you are able to see things that are out of view like small children or something left on the ground. Mount it to the back of your vehicle to help when backing into your garage, out of a parking space, or anywhere you need to see just what's behind you. And for those of us who like to tow, mount the camera on the back of your trailer, or even your motorhome. The possibilities are endless.

DynaFact® Thermocouple
Monitor the EGT of your vehicle with Banks DynaFact pyrometer probe. Plus, with all the features of the Banks iDash, this is the system to have. Don't guess - get the facts with DynaFact pyrometer gauges.


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