Swamp's Diesel 6.0L Ford Stock Replacement Fuel Injector - 03-07 Ford 6.0L (Stock OEM)(SOLD INDIVIDUALLY) - 6L_injector_Ford

Thoroughbred Sku #: SWP6L_injector_Ford
Manufacturer Sku #: 6L_injector_Ford


+ $180.00 Core Charge / ea.
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Product Details

Product Name: Swamp's DieselStock Replacement Fuel Injector
Manufacturer: Swamp's Diesel
Manufacture Part #: 6L_injector_Ford
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: SWP6L_injector_Ford
Fitment Notes: Swamp's Diesel 6.0L Ford Stock Replacement Fuel Injector - 03-07 Ford 6.0L (Stock OEM)(SOLD INDIVIDUALLY) - 6L_injector_Ford

If you are purchasing fewer than 8 fuel injectors, and have a 2003-2004 model engine, please give us the last 8 digits of your VIN number, as there were small differences in the early model injectors that require them to be replaced with the correct model. lf you are replacing all 8, you will receive the updated style (recommended).

2003-2007, OEM Ford Motorcraft 6.0L diesel stock injector

Ford Motorcraft fuel injectors for the 2003.5-2007 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke diesel! Do not be seduced by the lower priced fuel injectors on the market, as we have "been there & done that" ourselves!!!

These fuel injectors are the most reliable fuel injectors on the market, and are also what Swamp's Diesel uses as a base injector, when they build their performance 6.0L injectors.

For years, Swamp's Diesel committed a vast amount of company resources to developing parts & processes to "rebuild" the 6.0L fuel injectors, as they have been doing for nearly a decade with the 7.3L fuel injectors with exceptional success.

They are not too proud to admit that the 6.0L injector is NOT rebuild able, and that they made mistakes in the past by offering a product that was not up to par. They are now offering ONLY Ford Motorcraft 6.0L fuel injectors & have made a commitment to offering ONLY THE BEST products for your Ford Power Stroke.

The problems associated with 99% of 6.0L fuel injectors is isolated to what is called the "spool valve".

The spool valve is a horizontal valve that is opened & closed to meter the high pressure oil in & out of the fuel injector body. This "spool valve" is a very, very precise component, with tolerances that must be held within hundredths of thousandths of an inch for it to work properly!

When the spool valve "wears"...it becomes loose inside of its' bore (think of it as a piston within a cylinder bore but without piston rings!)...when the spool valve gets loose, it can leak (& cause a hot no-start), it can "stick" (causing a cold, rough running condition) and if it is intermittently "sticking & leaking"...this will cause a slight shudder or surge (or loss) of power while maintaining a steady speed.

Since this valve is exposed to high pressure engine oil, any significant changes in your engine performance (cold rough running, more power when warm, etc) that can be attributed to ENGINE OIL TEMPERATURE are a big "clue" that your injectors probably have a spool valve issue.

Core Charge = $180.00 (EACH)

  • Core charge is fully refundable if injectors meet standards. We will issue your refund as soon as we get your cores back.
  • 2 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty
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