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Every injector manufactured at Dynomite Diesel is certified to the highest standards and comes equipped with the latest revised internals to ensure the best quality for hundreds of thousands of miles. When you purchase one of these injectors or injector sets, rest assured you’re purchasing a product that is built to exacting standards without the cutting of corners which seems to be all too common these days. With our dedication to perfection, we’ve seen our warranty rates continually remain well below that of our competition.

When it comes to building a performance set of injectors, DDP always starts with high-quality stock injectors and begins the modification process by honing the nozzles. During this step their pushing an abrasive media through the nozzle which not only smooths out the tooling marks from when the nozzle was originally manufactured but it also increases the diameter of each spray orifice while putting a rounded edge to the orifice. By honing the nozzles, DDP is able to ensure not only will a larger volume of fuel be delivered but it will be better atomized than their competition. With better-atomized fuel you can expect: more power, lower EGTs, improved fuel economy, & easier cold starts compared to other company’s similarly sized injectors.

Once the nozzles have gone through the honing process and confirmed to all be flowing at the exact same amount, they are fully cleaned and prepared to go back on the injector bodies. Depending on the size of injectors being built additional performance modifications may be performed to the injector bodies to allow them to flow even more fuel. After any necessary modifications to the injector bodies, the nozzles are mated to the injector bodies and prepared for testing and balancing.

The next step in the process once the injectors are fully assembled is performance testing and balancing. All testing and balancing takes place on any number of our state-of-the-art injector test stands. Throughout the testing process, we are looking at a multitude of parameters to ensure the injector is happy and healthy with its new-found performance. During this stage of injector testing, we’re also keeping a watchful eye on the fuel delivery at simulated Idle as well as Full Throttle. After we’ve maximized fuel delivery we start making fine calibration adjustments to each individual injector with the goal of less than a 1.25% variance from the highest flowing injector in the set to the lowest at the wide open throttle. In some cases, this can take as little as 1 hour to do but in other cases, it can take days!

With the injector fully built and calibrated to perfection, it is moved through to our laser engraver which marks a DDP logo, part number, and date of manufacture. This guarantees you receive genuine Dynomite parts and not cheap knock-offs. Moving to the final step in the process, the injector has protective caps and plugs installed then is carefully boxed up and prepared for shipping.

At Dynomite Diesel, they are proud to be a small family run business striving to produce top-notch products for the customer who understands that in the light-duty diesel industry you truly do get what you pay for. A Dynomite Diesel product will likely never be the cheapest item available for your truck but rest assured it will be built the right way with uncompromising quality. At Dynomite Diesel they pride themselves on standing behind their products and being there for their customer should they ever have any problems with the product.

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