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BD Diesel Dodge Track Master Series Transmission - 1994-1995 47RH 4WD - 1065154

Thoroughbred Sku #: BDD1065154
Manufacturer Sku #: 1065154


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Includes BD Diesel Transmission and $2000 Refundable Core Charge

Product Details

Product Name: BD Diesel Dodge Track Master Series Transmission
Manufacturer: BD Diesel
Manufacture Part #: 1065154
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: BDD1065154
Fitment Notes: BD Diesel Dodge Track Master Series Transmission - 1994-1995 47RH 4WD - 1065154

BD Diesel Dodge Track Master Series Transmission
1994-1995 47RH 4WD

Warranty: 36-month / 150,000 mile limited warranty on non-competitive, racing or sled-pulling applications. Broken shafts & abuse are not covered under warranty

For applications that are pushed to the limits on the track, BD offers their Dodge Track-Master Competition series - built to take the extreme horsepower and torque. Features "Big" fine spline input shaft, all hardened shafts, billet steel direct drum, one piece servo/cover, extra wide solid band with red lining, racer red forward/direct frictions, koline forward/direct steals, auxiliary filter kit and heavy duty pan.

BD's "Big" fine spline input shaft, 0.125 thicker than the stock size shaft and includes a hardened billet hub. By increasing the clutch apply piston width we increase apply pressure, and, by decreasing piston thickness we can install up to 30% more clutch surface. Matching BD's Big bore, fine spline triple Torque Force Converter to the Big Shaft make them designed for Competition to 550 RWHP and above applications.

By design, OEM transmission Helical gears and engine torque thrusting causes stock plastic and Babbitt thrust washers to melt and break down contaminating lubrication oil and damaging solenoids. We remove the thrust washers and install roller bearings throughout the transmission which eliminates oil contamination, maintains tolerances, reduces heat and prevents premature solenoid failure.

Each transmission is dyno-tested to make sure it functions properly in all gears, then the pan is dropped and everything inspected and adjusted before it is shipped to you in one of our containers.

CORE CHARGE: $2,000.00
  • Competition series built to take extreme horsepower and torque
  • "Big" fine spline input shaft - 0.125 thicker than the stock size shaft, - includes a hardened billet hub
  • All billet shafts
  • Billet steal direct drum
  • Billet turbine hub
  • Billet accumulator
  • Billet front servo
  • Billet band anchor
  • One piece servo/cover
  • Oversized stator support
  • Rigid one piece band
  • Racer red forward/direct frictions
  • Kolene forward/direct steals
  • Auxiliary filter kit
  • Heavy duty pan


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