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Turbonetics Spearco Intercoolers

Torque Master by Turbonetics

Conventional intercooler cores are thin-walled, extruded aluminum tubes that are not designed to handle extreme boost pressures, and limit cooling performance because of their narrow width. W.A.V.E. Technology Cores utilize the latest design advances in strength and durability and maximize cooling effectiveness through a greater surface area. Wider is better!

W.A.V.E. Technology (Wide Area Vane Effectiveness) is the ultimate combination in strength and efficiency in heat exchanger cores. Specifically designed to maximize cooling by utilizing the most surface area possible in a given space. The Spearco W.A.V.E. core incorporates a complex network of highly effective vanes to regularly decrease temperatures by as much as 30º over conventional tube n’ fin units. In addition to their phenomenal cooling ability, W.A.V.E. Technology cores are manufactured to be “BOMB PROOF". Due to Spearco's Pat. Pending manufacturing process these unique cores are capable of comfortably withstanding pressures in excess of 200+ psi. W.A.V.E. Technology cores set the standard for high-pressure forced-induction durability and cooling effectiveness. Whether you are a high performance enthusiast or a Pro Drag racer seeking the peace of mind to make the next round the W.A.V.E. Technology intercoolers are for you.

Dodge Dodge
Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler
Dodge 03-07 5.9L Cummins 24V
Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler
Dodge 94-02 5.9L Cummins 12V & 24V
Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler
GM 06-08 6.6L Duramax LBZ/LMM
Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler
GM 01-06 6.6L Duramax LB7/LLY
Ford Ford
Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler
Ford 07-08 6.4L Powerstroke
Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler
Ford 03-06 6.0L Powerstroke
Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler
Ford 99.5-03 7.3L Powerstroke
Diesel Performance is the hottest and fastest growing aftermarket performance segment and Turbonetics has all the upgrades you need for your Ford, Chevy/GMC and Dodge. Having spent 29 years as the leader in turbocharging and intercooling high performance, we have designed the most aerodynamically efficient turbos and intercoolers possible for the new generation of diesel vehicles. Whether you are a serious tractor pulling competitor, a weekend warrior trying to make full pulls with your truck, or you just want more towing capacity and pulling performance in your daily driver and work truck, Turbonetics Torque-Master Diesel Performance line is for you. Free shipping special on all Turbonetics Spearco diesel intercoolers. Be sure to check out all of our diesel intercoolers.
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