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Suncoast logo Dodge E618 2003 - 2007 Valve Body
valve body
2003-2007 Dodge Cummins

+ Core
*Requires wiring harness and part no. TCM-2000 to control our E618-VB. *$400.00 core deposit required.

We are separating the 47/48RE electronic automatic transmission from yesterday's 47RH hydro-mechanical automatic transmission with some never before seen abilities. We have, with speed and simplicity for tuning, what may have seemed like a complex impossible task in the past.

The TCU can use these inputs as well as torque converter speed, engine speed, wheel speeds, traction control parameters, electronic throttle position, fluid temperature, engine temperature, brake pedal actuation, forward and lateral acceleration as well as several other parameters. The TCU can also utilize manual shifting operation and provide altered transmission behavior for special conditions (road race, drag race, dyno, snow, towing, etc.). but the only thing required to make your transmission is a TPS signal, power and ground.


Our TCU comes with a preprogrammed tune from Sun Coast, but you should connect to the TCU, download the program and save it to your hard drive to fall back on. If you do not have a serial port on your computer (some laptops do not) you may purchase a USB to serial port adapter and install the correct drivers before trying to communicate with the TCU.

To ensure compatibility and reliability, please purchase our USB to serial adapter which we have tested.

Wiring and Location:

The TCU was designed with the rigors of the automotive environment in mind. The TCU is designed for a high temperature, caustic and humid environment. Though the TCU can easily live in such an environment, an installation location inside the vehicle is preferable. Please keep the TCU away from extreme heat sources, ignition wires or any obvious water sources.

Once you have chosen a location for your TCU, you may begin routing the wiring harness. Be careful to avoid moving parts and hot parts when routing the harness. Route the harness to your sensor locations and wire them as planned. Route the connectors and wires down towards the transmission. Watch for possible fitments issues or places where the harness can rub or be damaged over time.

Final Steps

1. Find and wire necessary sensors

2. You will need to find the wire locations for the sensors you wish to use. Every application requires a vehicle speed signal and should be installed with a load input. Typically this load input is a throttle position sensor (TPS). Vehicle speed can be measured at a driven wheel, a differential speed sensor or an output speed sensor on the transmission itself. RPM can be acquired from a cam or crank sensor or tachometer wire. If you wish to use manifold absolute pressure (MAP) for load (boosted applications) or additional sensors, find them now.

3. Refer to the wiring diagrams for your vehicle to determine the signal wires on each sensor. Please look at the wiring diagram on pg 62 & 63 in the manual to see what wires on the TCU are appropriate for your vehicle. If a custom harness is available for your transmission, use the wiring diagram for the custom harness instead.

4. The method you use to tap into these sensors will depend on your experience and preference in connectors. For a permanent installation, please remember that no wire should be exposed to the elements. If possible, splice into your existing harness or wire in your own Y-harness. Always remember to use heat shrink, preferably the sealing or glue type of heat shrink, on any exposed wire joints or unsealed connections.

Wire power and ground connections

Though simple this is an important step. Wire switched power to the TCU. On most applications, the power source should be protected with a 10 amp fuse. Wire a ground connection to a clean ground terminal on the vehicle. Plug the 8 pin connector in transmission and the speed sensor gray connector to the transmission.

NOTE: Suncoast orders require the year, make, and model of your truck to be placed in the comments field upon checkout to ensure your order is processed as soon as possible.
Dodge Valve Bodies
Dodge Year Price Core Charge Order
We are separating the 47/48RE electronic automatic transmission from 47RH hydro-mechanical automatic transmission with some never before seen abilities. We have with speed and simplicity for tuning what may have seemed like a complex impossible task in the past. Requires Part# TCM-2000 and harness
Fits Dodge Years: 96-2007
Part # E618-VB
Our Part # SUNE618-VBK
96-2007 $1,099.00
free shipping special with no handling fees
E618 wiring harness
Fits Dodge Years: 96-2007
Part # TCM-4145
Our Part # SUNTCM-4145
96-2007 $235.00
free shipping special with no handling fees
TCM to control our E618-VB
Fits Dodge Years: 96-2007
Part # TCM-2000
Our Part # SUNTCM-2000
96-2007 $899.00
free shipping special with no handling fees
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