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Snow Performance

Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection

How does it work? Using technology utilized by the military in WorldWar II in fighters and later in Turbojets, a finemist of water
or water-methanol is injected at the correct conditions. As these very fine droplets change state during combustion,more power is developed from the same amount of diesel. Methanol acts as a fuel and water adds power through the “steam" effect. The result is higher combustion efficiency which brings savings in fuel, increases in torque, and decreases in exhaust gas temperatures.
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Comp-One Meth Injection System
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Power-Max Water Meth Injection System
Dodge | Ford | GM
MPG-MAX Water Meth Injection System
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Boost Cooler water-methanol injection systems
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What is Water-Methanol Injection?
Using technology utilized by the military in World War II in fighter aircraft and later in Turbojet aircraft, a fine mist of water or water-methanol is injected at the correct conditions. As these very fine droplets change state during combustion, more power is developed. In gasoline engines, the Boost Cooler® makes the induction charge colder and denser and it provides power potential similar to 116 octane race fuel. Whether running a supercharger/turbocharger or a high compression muscle car, the Snow Boost Cooler® will allow you to run full power all the time. With proven power improvements of 10-20 percent there is no need to run expensive high octane fuel – huge cost savings.

Technically, when water or a water-methanol mix is finely atomized it evaporates very fast. Water has an extremely high latent heat of vaporization and is the best fluid to absorb heat from the intake charge...

The Truth about Snow:

Snow Performance was the first to popularize and develop water-methanol injection systems for today's diesel and gasoline engines. From the outset, the Boost Cooler® has been the most sophisticated and robust out there. Years of development brought further advances in variable injection, and today's pre-mapped 2d micro processor controlled units maintain Snow Performance's reputation as the leader in water-methanol injection… the finest available. The entire team at Snow Performance believes in offering a quality product, and great customer service at a fair price.We follow the “Golden Rule" philosophy of business and back-up performance claims with actual dynos.

Why choose the Boost Cooler® by Snow Performance?
Why is Snow Performance better?

When you have a lot of money in your engine, you want the best. We back our product with the best warranty and the Boost Cooler® is the most reliable and robust system out there. That is one of the biggest reasons why top race teams use us – they can't afford a break down.

Other reasons to “buy Snow":

1. Atomization – Why is atomization important? The smaller the droplet, the faster it evaporates and the less propensity there is for combustion quench. The result is more cooling, less quench and more power.

Snow Performance uses specially designed dual chambered nozzles that spin the fluid supersonically producing the correct size droplet formax- power.

2. Pump pressure vs flow – Why is it important? Our pumps are higher pressure for the best atomization and to build more power at the flow rates necessary in today's high horsepower applications.

3. Controller strategies – Why is it important? When and how much you inject is critical to making power especially in the mid engine load states where the vehicle spends the most time. The competitors’ 1d strategy results in a compromised power curve and less area under the curve. We make more power under the curve on the dyno not just at peak hp. When driving, you feel the difference.

Our digital controllers utilize a more sophisticated 2d strategy and which results in more correct injection and power under all conditions. We are so confident of our power production, we publish dyno charts showing real world results.
  • More power safely! Allows full power while towing without engine damaging high exhaust gas temps!
  • Proven increases in fuel economy with MPG-MAX!
  • EZ 3-4 hr installation!
  • New '07+ trucks – increase power with no computer signature for hassle free OEM warranty. Proven to
    reduce regen for significant increases in fuel economy and reduced emissions.
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