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Quadzilla Xzillaraider for Cummins

Cummins 1998.5-2002



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Quadzilla is very proud to now have available the Xzillaraider for the 1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins. This new addition to the Xzillaraider line takes full advantage of many months of development using the latest technology available to extract the added power from your engine in the safest and most efficient way.

ADJUSTABLE-ON-THE-FLY!! The Quadzilla Power Module is our latest plug in chip for the Dodge Cummins 24 valve engine. All of our Power Modules plug into the Data link connector and in-between the map sensor for completely anonymous installation.
The 1998.5-2000 Power Module plugs into the fuel injection pump and requires no cutting or splicing for easy installation.

The 2001-2002 Module plugs into the Data link connector and in-between the map sensor for completely anonymous installation.

The Quadzilla power module adds 70hp and 180 ft. lbs of torque for reliable horsepower that does not compromise the fuel injection pump while keeping exhaust temperatures low. This great product modifies timing and fuel for a precise and desirable horsepower and fuel mileage increase. With the addition of in-cab adjustability, you can now more precisely control your power increases to suit your needs. There are 3 stages to choose from, off, 35hp and 70hp. The 35hp stage modifies timing only for increased fuel mileage. This is also a great mode for people with other fueling enhancements such as injectors. By modifying timing only you can also decrease exhaust temperatures. The 70hp level modifies timing and fuel. This gives you the most reliable and efficient power for towing. When you need that extra power now all you need to do is flip a switch!!

The Quadzilla power module is safe, easy to use and a great horsepower upgrade that works well alone. This is a great addition for people towing small to large loads as well as for those that just want sports car like performance!

An added bonus to the power module is the 1-3 miles per gallon increase that is possible!

We work very hard at being the best! We are confident in our products, have tested many different computer chips, and we know that we have absolutely the best there is! Give us a try and you will wonder how you drove your truck without it!

  • Adjustable on the fly
  • Modifies VP44 injection pump and MAP sensor for huge power gains
  • Increases fuel capabilities and advance timing for huge fuel mileage gains
  • Built in VP44 protection
  • Smoothest power delivery in any circumstance
  • Huge power gains without sacrificing everyday drivability
  • Up to 120hp/325 ft lbs of torque gain
  • Increase fuel economy up to 3 mpg
  • Be sure to check out the new Quadzilla XZT Plus for the 98-02 Cummins
  • Quadzilla Xzillaraider and Commander combo
  • PDF icon - Xzillaraider installation instructions for 98-02 Cummins
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Quadzilla has discontinued the Xzillaraider product line. Be sure to check out all of the Quadzilla diesel performance products offered at Thoroughbred Diesel.
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