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Quadzilla logo Quadzilla Adrenaline for 01-05 Duramax
Pulse Combo Available
The Adrenaline is in a class of its own. It has more features, more control, more function, more power, and the most reasonable pricing anywhere!
Adrenaline Engine Control System
2001-2004 LB7 Duramax
2004.5-2005 LLY Duramax
GM owners now have something to get excited about! Finally a simple plug-n-play power module that has everything you could ever want for mileage, towing, safety and performance!

Starting with its 32 bit processing power and coupled with features that are not available on any other products out there, the Adrenaline for the LB7 Duramax engine is like no other performance module ever produced for these trucks!

At the heart of the Adrenaline we use proprietary software unlike any other on the market allowing us to control the entire engine via the engine’s control bus. The Adrenaline utilizes its 100% control over injector pulse width, injection timing and rail pressure to increase efficiency and add more power. This is a unique combination that before now was only available by buying multiple products and using them together. This system also allows you to turn off certain control parameters such as rail pressure completely if you desire.

The Adrenaline/Pulse is much more than a power adder or fuel mileage enhancement unit. With the Pulse you have access to over 20 parameters to monitor, record, and set alarms for. You also may set de-fueling settings for most of the monitored parameters. The Adrenaline does not simply cut fuel, but matches the fueling and timing curves to maximize power output while keeping exhaust temperatures below your preset level. Simply put, it is by far the safest and smoothest engine protection system on the market.

On your Pulse monitor there is a host of features that you will love. In addition to all the gauges, you have the ability to adjust your Turbo Timer, set cold engine protection parameters, adjust fueling during shifting, test 0-60 MPH and ¼ mile times, and recall your minimum and maximum achieved parameters.

If you need more you may choose to use the custom tuning feature that comes with the Pulse monitor. With this feature unlocked you will be able to set maximum pulse width, maximum timing advance, maximum injection pressure, decide when to add fuel and control the pedal feel of the power plus much more! All this custom tuning can be done while driving, on-the-fly!

There is no other performance product on the market that can match the features, mileage gains and power gains of the Adrenaline module.

  • 150+ RWHP Gain
  • 350 ft lbs of Torque Gain
  • 11 On-the-Fly Power Levels
  • Max Mileage Level Built In
  • Turbo Timer
  • Complete Set of Gauges – 20+ parameters *
    *When used in combination with a Pulse monitor.
  • Simple Installation, 100% Plug-n-Play
  • Monitors Transmission Slippage
  • User Defined Transmission Shifting Settings
  • Guardian De-fueling Software for EGT, Boost, Rail Pressure, and Transmission Slippage
  • USB Updatable
  • Rugged Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Best Towing Performance Package Available
  • Un-paralleled Throttle Response
  • 0-60 mph Performance Tests
  • ¼ Mile Performance Tests
  • authorized Quadzilla dealer We are a authorized dealer of Quadzilla which means fast shipping and full warranty when you buy at Thoroughbred Diesel. All Quadzilla products have AMP pricing which means nobody is allowed to sale at prices below what you se at Thoroughbred Diesel. If you buy for a lower price your product will not be covered under any warranty.
Parameters Monitored:
-Coolant Temp
-Transmission Slip %
-Transmission Temperature
-TPS %
-Transmission Output Shaft Speed
-Rail Pressure
-Drivers Demand % Torque
-Nominal Friction % Torque
-Corrected MPH
-Corrected Boost
-Converter Lock
-Barometric Pressure
-Backdown %
Product Description Price
01-04 LB7 150HP w/ CONTROLPOD
Part #ADR2000
- free shipping
PDF icon - Adrenaline installation instructions
Adrenaline w/ Pulse V2
GM 2001-2004 200HP LB7
Part #ADR2000-PV2
04.5-05 LLY 6.6L w/ CONTROLPOD
Part #ADR2001

free shipping
Adrenaline w/ Pulse V2
GM 2004.5-2006 200HP LLY
Part #ADR2001-PV2
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