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Pacbrake Exhaust Brake Kits

PRXB Exhaust Brakes: Our Kits

Everything Is Included

Here at Pacbrake we like to keep things simple for our customers. From your first one-on-one conversation with our sales experts to the final product, we provide a total package of quality service and parts. There are a number of components required to operate an exhaust brake, but we conveniently include everything you need in our exhaust brake kits.


Every exhaust brake requires an air compressor and air tank to operate. Often mounted under the hood, Pacbrake's air compressor builds up pressure in the air tank that is released during braking.

Pacbrake's ½ gallon air tank works with the exhaust brake and air compressor to speed up the exhaust brake cylinder activation. It does this by storing air pressure (created by the compressor) and holding it until needed. Outside the air tank there is a 135 PSI pressure switch that controls the amount of air pressure contained inside. As the pressure drops a signal is sent to the compressor to create more air, thereby filling the tank back to its full capacity.

Generally frame mounted, this onboard air tank also provides an air source for operating air horns and air springs (as well as any other air-operated accessories your vehicle may have). PLEASE NOTE: If you are operating more than one air operated product and prefer a larger air tank and/or compressor, upgrades are available.

A 25ft curly hose with an assortment of accessories is also included and easily stored in a heavy duty nylon bag. Just attach the curly hose to the quick disconnect chuck off of the air compressor (your external air source) and you're able to perform a variety of jobs including:

  • Filling tires and checking air pressure
  • Inflating air mattresses, footballs, beach toys etc.
  • Blowing air (for cleaning, dusting, quick removal of debris)

Most of our exhaust brake kits come with a controller. This small device is responsible for engaging the vehicle's exhaust brake by monitoring the following settings: engine speed, vehicle speed and throttle position. It reads the vehicle's data and analyzes the results to decide what actions must be taken. If your brake kit didn't come with a controller kit it simply means your vehicle doesn't need it.

Pacbrake has two types of controllers, one that is strictly an exhaust brake controller as outlined above, and the other is combination brake controller and transmission controller. This dual control is designed for vehicles with automatic transmissions to improve the functionality of the exhaust brake. It does this by taking control of the torque converter solenoid to modulate the pressure that the torque converter sees. Essentially, it forces the clutch to disengage in the torque converter and puts the vehicle into full lock-up, resulting in less slippage and smoother exhaust brake activation.

Want to learn more? Click here.


When it comes to installing an exhaust brake on your diesel vehicle there are two different mounting configurations. Shown below is an example of the most typical exhaust brake installation - the inline mount. For this type of install adapters are required to seal the airflow from the exhaust brake to the exhaust pipe. They are mounted on either side of the brake and clamped into place.

Dodge 2003 and newer vehicles are the exceptions, as they are installed using a direct mount configuration. This type of install does not require adapters as one side of the brake attaches directly to the turbocharger and the other side directly to the exhaust pipe.

Pacbrake's exhaust brake adapters are stainless steel and have machined flanges so that they are perfectly matched when connected to the exhaust brake housing. This, as well as the stainless steel V-Clamps, ensures that there is a perfect airtight seal made between all exhaust brake joints.

CAUTION: All vehicles with exhaust system upgrades will be required to use an adapter that fits precisely with the current exhaust pipe size and brake. Please inform the Pacbrake sales team about any exhaust system upgrades when ordering an exhaust brake.

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