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Nitrous Systems
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Nitrous Systems for Diesel Trucks

Thoroughbred Diesel is your source for nitrous systems for your Cummins, Powerstroke, or Duramax diesel. We are a experienced diesel company. If you have any questions, stop clicking and give us a call toll free at 866-737-4966.
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NXD Diesel Nitrous System
FAQ Diesel Vehicles
Q. Can you use nitrous on a diesel engine?

A. Of course, diesels love nitrous and are the only application that nitrous can actually make the engine safer to operate.

Q. What is the worst case damage scenario dealing with nitrous and a diesel engine?

A. When using nitrous on a compression combustion engine the absolute worst case scenario is that the intake charge is cooled so much that the engine loses fire and has to be restarted, that's it! You don't even have to wait to restart it, just hit the key and go.

Q. What about excessive exhaust temperatures when operating a diesel on nitrous?

A. Nitrous actually lowers exhaust temps, in fact if the engine is overdosed on nitrous it is possible to lower the exhaust temps to the point that the engine loses fire and has to be restarted! BTW no engine damage occurs in this situation.

Q. How much nitrous can you use on a stock diesel engine?

A. Of course the amount varies with the application, the larger the engine the more nitrous you can use. However on most pick-ups and small truck applications up to 150 HP can be gained safely.

Q. What about torque?

A. The amount of torque produced when nitrous is applied is huge, it is possible to produce up to 1600 pound feet of torque on a street driven truck!

Q. What is a progressive controller?

A. A progressive controller allows the nitrous system to deliver its charge in a pre-programmed manner, adding nitrous in increasing amounts as the engine and or traction can tolerate it.

Q. Why do you offer a progressive controlled nitrous system for a diesel application?

A. If too much nitrous is applied too quickly to a diesel the engine could “stall". To prevent this NX designed a boost referenced progressive controller that will not allow nitrous to be injected into the engine before boost is present. As boost increases the nitrous delivery is increased, thus balancing nitrous delivery to maximize performance.

Q. What makes NX controller different than the others available on the market?

A. NX's “Boost Referenced" controller PN NXD5000 delivers nitrous in accordance with the amount of boost the engine is getting thus maximizing the amount of nitrous you are able to use without “stalling" the engine.

Q. Can I use my water-meth injection with nitrous?

A. Yes! Nitrous can be used in combination with any other diesel performance up-grade.

Q. What about propane injection and nitrous?

A. While NX does not recommend the use of propane on any diesel, it will not increase the damage or danger to your engine to piggyback nitrous. Nitrous will actually reduce the exhaust temps to help protect your engine.

Q. My truck runs great but smokes like crazy after I installed an aftermarket chip. Will nitrous make it smoke more?

A. Nitrous will actually make all that ugly black smoke disappear and turn it into horsepower and torque by burning all of the residual fuel.

Q. What is a wet system and can it be used on my diesel?

A. The term wet refers to the use of raw fuel in the intake tract. Such as injecting raw diesel in the air stream instead of injecting it directly into the combustion chamber. NX does not recommend the use of wet style systems on a compression combustion engine as it defeats the entire timed injection system of the engine.

Q. What size jet do I need for 100HP?

A. A .057 jet would produce approximately 100HP if there is sufficient fuel available.

Q. What kind of service is provided for diesel systems?

A. NX has a dedicated diesel tech to answer all of your questions and all NX systems have a lifetime-limited warranty on its Lightning solenoids.

Q. Can I rebuild my own solenoids?

A. Yes, all NX solenoids are field serviceable, however all NX solenoids have a limited-Lifetime warranty so no rebuilding should be necessary.

Q. Why does nitrous work on a diesel?

A. Nitrous provides additional oxygen to burn more fuel, much like a larger turbo. However it has one move valuable feature, it is extremely cold, thus providing a tremendous amount of intercooling. Nitrous is 127 degrees below zero when it is injected into the intake.

Q. Is nitrous legal for truck pulls?

A. In some organizations it is legal, however before you show up at an event you should always read the rulebook to be sure.

Q. Do I need a blow-down tube if the bottle is mounted in my truck bed?

A. No, its purpose is to vent the nitrous to an area outside the driver's compartment if the bottle is mounted in or near the cockpit.

Q. Does my diesel system need a bottle warmer?

A. All nitrous systems can benefit from a bottle warmer. It keeps the nitrous pressure constant for a reliable, repeatable nitrous charge.

Q. How much nitrous will a -4 plumbed kit flow before I need bigger lines?

A. The internal diameter of the –4 hose is .157. However, due to frictional loses any jet size or solenoid size over .125 should be converted to a –6 supply line.

Q. I've heard if the nitrous injectors are too close to your water/meth nozzles
it'll freeze the water.

A. In the real world it would be impossible for this to happen. First water/meth will not freeze until it reaches –30 degrees Fahrenheit, second the air in the intake stream is very hot due to being compressed by the turbo, and lastly the air is moving at over 750 mph. With all these factors being present the answer to your question is, it can't happen.

Q. At what RPM range is Nitrous Safe on my truck?

A. The RPM's are not as important as boost. If the nitrous is used before the engine sees boost the engine will stall. While this does not harm the engine in any way, it is still an annoyance.

Q. How long should I wait to restart a engine if I've sprayed and the engine dies or stalls?

A. When dealing with a compression combustion engine there is no danger in restarting the engine immediately. Only in gasoline engines is this a hazard.

Q. How much timing is too much?

A. When dealing with a combustion compression engine the injection timing is not a factor in nitrous usage.

Q. What are the tell tail signs of too much nitrous?

A. Excessively low exhaust temperatures and or engine stalling are both signs that the engine is being overdosed.

Q. What is the best cure if I am running too much nitrous on my truck?

A. More FUEL!

Q. What are the tell tail signs of needing more nitrous?

A. When the exhaust temperatures are excessive or there is black smoke present at wide open throttle.

Q. If my truck doesn't smoke but has good power should I add nitrous?

A. It is not unusual to see the newer model trucks running well with no smoke, however they can still be helped by a conservative dose of nitrous.

Q. Do I need a purge kit?

A. The purge kit is a valuable addition to any nitrous system. Its function is to
“purge" the gaseous nitrous from the supply line to provide an instant hit of cold, liquid nitrous to the engine.

Q. Do I need a 2 stage system?

A. Dual stage nitrous systems are very useful when an immediate, huge does of nitrous will either stall the engine or over power the drive train. Dual stages allow an initial small hit of nitrous and a larger amount when the engine has additional boost available to take advantage of the nitrous.

Q. Is the installation difficult for the average home mechanic?

A. The installation of the nitrous system is straight forward and simple. Anyone with basic shop tools should be able to do the job is a few hours.

Q. Can the system be hidden?

A. Yes! A clever installer can completely camouflage a system easily.

Q. How important is bottle pressure?

A. Bottle pressure is critical to a reliable, repeatable nitrous system. The minimum of a nitrous pressure gauge PN 15509, and a bottle heater PN 15940 are required to enjoy a trouble free nitrous system.

Q. How long will a bottle last?

A. All NX diesel systems come standard with a 15lb nitrous bottle. The length of time it will last is directly related to what jet size you are using. The larger the jet, the faster it will use the nitrous. A system using a .052 jet will use 5.52 lbs of nitrous per minute, so a 15lb bottle would last approximately 2.5 minutes. While this does not sound like a lot it is when you are using it in 4-5 second bursts.

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