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MADS Electronics Dodge Smarty Tuners
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MADS Electronics Dodge Smarty Tuners

#1 Selling Dodge Cummins Tuner
Smarty Touch Tuner
Smarty Touch Tuner
S-06 POD Smarty Tuner
2003-2007 5.9L
S-06 POD Smarty Tuner
Smarty Junior
2003-2007 5.9L
J-06 Smarty Junior
S-03 Smarty
1998.5-2002 5.9L
S-03 Smarty
SSR tuner
2003-2007 5.9L
SSR Tuner
S-67 Smarty Tuner
2007.5-2012 6.7L
S-67 Smarty Tuner
SJ67 Smarty Junior
2007.5-2012 6.7L
SJ67 Smarty Junior
Smarty UDC
UDC Dongle & USB Cable S-UDC
For use on Smarty S06 POD, SSR, & JR
Smarty UDCV Dongle
Additional VIN Dongle for UDC
For use on Smarty S06 POD, SSR, & JR
OBDII cable
Smarty OBDII Cable
EGT Sensor
Smarty EGT Sensor
EGT Sensor
2010-2018 6.7L
Smarty ComMod
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Your Dodge is tuned with Smarty, but how are you monitoring your vital engine parameters? Tuning your Dodge and not running an Insight monitor is like taking a knife to a gun fight. The Edge Insight beats any analog gauge system or other digital monitors hands down when it comes to features, monitoring, and maintenance. With our new software update, Smarty users can now control their Power-On-Demand from the Insight monitor. You have a lot of money invested in your Dodge and you deserve the best. You deserve Edge!

- Use the Insight to change the Power-On-Demand settings of your Smarty programmer with a touch of a button
- If your truck is tuned by Smarty, simply connect the Insight to your OBDII (diagnostic) port and control the Smarty Power-on-Demand tuning that was loaded into your trucks computer!
- To download the release flyer click here!
MADS Electronics - Smarty Catcher FAQ's

The MADS Electronics tuning software is well known as CaTCHER software. MADS Electronics original products were EPROMs and Flash-EPROMs (or “chips") which could be installed in place of the original OEM EPROMs and Flash-EPROMs located in the vehicle's on-board control module. These chips, just like the tuners of today, keep the entire vehicle safety and emissions systems intact, but modify the fuel injection settings to deliver dramatic power, torque and drivability improvements.

Also the fuel consumption is one of the most important point of MADS Electronics research. CaTCHER software can be used to reduce fuel consumption up to 15% depending on the driving condition.

With the advent of OBD-II vehicle control module in the early 1990s, most domestic vehicle manufacturers installed under-dash ports (“ALDL ports") which allowed dealers and service techs to “re-flash" the vehicle's control module to change engine settings without replacing any chip.

So today, instead of chips, MADS Electronics products are hand-held tuners that achieve the same dramatic drivetrain improvements, without the hassle of popping the hood, pulling out the vehicle control module and replacing a chip. Installation is quick and easy, taking just 2 minutes and requiring no tools or mechanical skills whatsoever.

Q. What does "CaTCHER " stand for?

A. CaTCHER stands for Clutch and Traction Challenger.

Q. What is so special about the CaTCHER?

A. The CaTCHER software is a unique animal. It improves throttle response of the engine greatly. It spools up the turbo sooner. (On average 200 RPM sooner.) It deals with the injection timing. It alters the torque management. Just to mention a few benefits. Customers report that the engine now "hangs" on the throttle.

Q. What has Smarty to do with the CaTCHER software?

A. Smarty is the tool you need to update your ECM with any level of the CaTCHER software. There are ten different software packs in Smarty you can choose from.

Q. What's the difference in the CaTCHER software?

A. Mainly the throttle response, or maybe better the aggressiveness of the engine response. Since the full blown CaTCHER develops torque instantly, it can become a pain to drive it on slippery roads. Thus the need to reduce the response some. Further more, there are CaTCHER versions with and without added timing stored in the Smarty. The software without added timing are useful if you want to use a timing box stacked with the CaTCHER.

Q. Does Smarty have only CaTCHER software on board?

A. No, Smarty offers SW# 0 that provides about HALF the power of a stock software. Emissions. Ehm. SW# 1 is a Fuel Saver software. SW# 2 deals only with fuel and boost. SW
# 3 is fuel, boost, and timing. The remaining levels can be considered CaTCHERs.

Q. Does Smarty do the boost fooling function?

A. Yes, all the the software modules in Smarty have modified boost tables in them in order to allow for higher boost without defuelling. (Except SW#0 and of course stock)

Q. Could you take Smarty and install it on several different trucks, one at a time?

A. Yes! No problem, when you go back to stock Smarty unlocks from the VIN# and ECM. Now you're ready to go into another truck. As many times as you want.

Q. Can Smarty go from one program to another, or do you have to go back to stock, then to a program?

A. You can go from any software # to any other software #. There is no need to go back to stock.

Q. Is Smarty ECM or VIN sensitive?

A. YES! Smarty only works with one truck AND one ECM at one time.

Q. What if a dealer flashes the ECM and Smarty was not returned to stock? Is my Smarty now useless?

A. We've been asked that question many times. Upon request, there is a "safety feature" in Smarty. Should a reflash happen without having Smarty returned to stock first, you need to contact us and tell us the serial # of your Smarty and the VIN# of your truck.

With that information we can provide you with a password that will allow Smarty to update your ECM. That password will work ONLY ONE TIME. That means that you can unlock Smarty from the ECM only one time.

Q. Which version of "stock" will the Smarty come with.

Smarty does NOT download the complete original software from the ECM and does not store it into it's memory. That is for a simple reason. The protocol in the ECM does not allow to read the flash memory. How can Smarty then return to stock? Simple. It has all the latest stock software already on board. When you choose to return the truck back to stock, Smarty takes the stock software from it's memory and updates the ECM with that software.

Q. Is Smarty's DTC reader also VIN# locked?

A. No, the DTC reader works always in any truck. Even when Smarty is VIN# locked to your truck, you can still diagnose your buddy's truck. MADS did not want you to have the hassle of going
back to stock only because you need to help someone.

Q. How long does it take to update the ECM with Smarty?

A. We've done some serious research in order to minimize the time needed for an update. We've developed special boot loaders which cut the required time for an update dramatically. A typical update is done in about two minutes with Smarty S-03A and three and a half minutes with Smarty S-06A. Once you get used to Smarty it takes a few minutes from the moment you plug in
Smarty to finish. With the fastest competition it takes more than twice that time.

Q. Does the Smarty Mount in the truck... or program and then unplug?

Smarty needs to be plugged into the OBD port of your truck, program the ECM, then unplugged.

Q. If the update is interrupted, how can I recover the ECM?

First of all don't panic! An interrupted update is a piece of cake for Smarty. Smarty will recover your truck automatically back to the STOCK software. Unlike the competition, you don't have to remove fuses or battery cables. Smarty will handle the situation on it's own. You just need to turn the key on, plug in Smarty and follow the on-screen instructions. A special boot loader does that job.

Q. Can a dealer detect Smarty?

If you take your truck back to stock software then the answer is no. Smarty updates are NOT
detectable by the dealer!

Q. Does the CaTCHER raise the rev limiter?

The CaTCHER versions alter the high RPM settings in the ECM for fuel, timing, boost, torque limiter whatever... in order to allow the engine to rev. Depending upon the mods done to the engine that shows up on a dyno graph or does not.

Q. How much horsepower will the CaTCHER add to my 98.5-02 engine?

A. The CaTCHER is VERY noticeable from idle up. As soon as you touch the throttle, you will KNOW that the CaTCHER is in there. First of all, the power added by the CaTCHER depends upon the mods done to the engine. On a stock engine, typically we see an HP increase at the rear wheels of about 60 HP.

With taller injectors, the HP gain increases. How much? That depends upon the injectors, turbo, intake, and exhaust. The best mod combined with a CaTCHER is without doubt a good set of injectors.

Fuel pump wire tapping boxes without added timing come next if you're after serious HP. In that kind of scenario, the CaTCHER becomes very noticeable in the top HP range. Some customers have gained over 75 HP with that kind of stack above all other stacks they had tried before.

Is there a warranty on this product?

Of course! Anyway, let me mention the fact that out of the over 2000 Smarty's sold thus far, we have had only five defective units. MADS uses the strictest quality control possible. Every single unit is tested individually four different times during the assembly before it leaves our facility. Everything is traceable for every single unit. MADS knows exactly where the parts for it came from, who assembled it, who tested it. MADS wants the Smarty products to be as trouble free as possible.

What is the Warranty Period?

One year.

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