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Ford Powerstroke Diesel
Lifetime Oil Filter

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These Lifetime Oil Filters are made to last just that a lifetime, just clean and reuse no need to buy more than one oil filter for your Ford Powerstroke again. Thoroughbred Diesel is your source for Lifetime Oil Filters. If you do not see the Oil Filter listed for your diesel truck, stop clicking and call us toll free at 866-737-4966.
Lifetime Oil Filters are made of the strongest alloys, fluouoelastomers and threads. Combining over two feet of T316 L woven media with their filtered bypass valve, this is simply a product engineered and manufactured to a higher standard.

Lifetime Oil Filters continue to filter oil even while operating in bypass mode by using a patented, integrated secondary filtration system. These filters are three times larger than most standard and billet oil filters currently on the market today.
What's so special about our oil filter?
As you can see our oil filters are built like a tank but with a carbon footprint of a butterfly! Made of the strongest alloys, fluoroelastomers, and threads with over two feet of media in each filter, it's simply a product manufactured to a higher standard. This is how we can offer a “lifetime warranty" on our filters. Typical filters use a bypass valve that allows unfiltered oil back into your engine. Why? This is a stop-gap on inferior filters to increase oil flow when the oil is cold and more viscous or if the oil is a heavier weighted grade, to ensure adequate lubrication at all times. The problem with this outdated design is that the filter is no longer filtering your oil! Worse, the oil that is flowing through the filter is picking up stored contaminants and reintroducing them back into your engine! The effects can be devastating in a very short period of time. Lifetime oil filter® continues to filter oil even while operating in bypass mode by using our patented, integrated secondary filtration system. Our filters are three times larger than most standard and billet oil filters currently on the market today. We use only the highest quality of materials designed to last a lifetime: Nitronic 60, Tungsten, T316L, Hasteloy and Viton® seals are included in our parts lists.

How easy is the filter to install?
It takes about ten minutes to install our filter system in a driveway or just a few minutes on a lift. If you can screw in a light bulb, you can install our oil filter! (In some cases a remote oil filter relocation kit may be required or desired for easier access or for
show vehicles.)

Can I clean and maintain the filter myself?
Absolutely! We recommend you clean your filter media with hot tap water and plain old dish soap. In commercial applications, a parts washing system will achieve excellent results. Dry the filter with a synthetic cloth or a household hair dryer before reinstalling the cage section of the filter onto the mounting plate. We recommend removal and cleaning of the filter every 3000 miles to ensure your system is working at its highest capacity. Remember our motto:

“Stop changing your oil - filter it instead!"

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2011-12 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L
Mfg # 8530 Our Part # LOF8530
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