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ISSPRO has been associated with instrumentation for heavy duty diesels since 1949. Our new PERFORMAX line was created especially for the diesel performance customer.

ISSPRO'S PERFORMAX system includes
» Stepper motor gauges with LED lighting
» Heavy duty Electronic Signal Processor (ESP)
» New high accuracy ISSPRO sensors
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The ESP, a required part of the initial installation, can transmit data to as many as 17 Performax gauges. Gauges daisy chain together and snap into pods, so they can be exchanged in minutes without tools. Each PERFORMAX gauge kit includes sensors, harnesses and all components required for a typical installation.

The PERFORMAX system includes stepper motor gauges, an Electronic Signal Processor (ESP) and high accuracy sensors. The ESP, a required part of the initial installation, can transmit data to as many as 17 gauges.

Each gauge kit includes pillar, gauges, electronic signal processor, sensors, harnesses and all components required for a typical installation.

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Why don't you plug into the OBD port instead of using sensors to gather data?
Many of the systems monitored by PERFORMAX do not have data available on the OBD system. In addition, some engine chip devices modify OBD data to alter engine performance parameters. Performax collects data at the source with ISSPRO's new enhanced accuracy sensors. What you see on your PERFORMAX gauges is the real deal.

Iíve picked out the gauges I want, what else do I need?
For your gauges to function properly, and Electronic Signal Processor is required in each vehicle to provide the necessary signal and inputs to the gauge. One ESP is required to function up to 17 gauges at any one time. Also, a lead wire needs to be specified (5' R66055 or 8' R66088) for the Pyrometer to function. All other gauges include the necessary wire harness to connect the sending units (Included) to the ESP, as well as the connector necessary to connect to the daisy chain wiring in the cab of the vehicle.

I have heard of other gauge manufacturers having early failures of their new stepper motor lines of gauges. Since this is a brand new product, how can I be sure it will be reliable?
The PERFORMAX system was subjected to hundreds of hours of laboratory testing (electrical overload, temperature/humidity, and shock/vibration per SAE J1810 and J1455). Several dozen Alpha and Beta test systems were field tested and run for several months, tens of thousands of miles, and dozens of dragstrip passes and sled pulls. We tested to failure, then redesigned and tested again until we were satisfied.

Why isn't PERFORMAX less expensive?
For the same reason that a truck costs more than a bicycle. The honest truth is that PERFORMAX is more expensive to make than most gauge systems. PERFORMAX is a premium product, intended for the serious diesel performance enthusiast. It uses the best technologies available, even on the parts of the system that are not visible from the driver's seat, like sensors.

Where is PERFORMAX made?
PERFORMAX was designed by American engineers and is made in Portland, Oregon, right in the shadow of Mt. Hood. Most performance gauges sold in the USA are made in China or India. Not PERFORMAX.

What exactly is a temperature compensated pyrometer?
A temperature compensated pyrometer is not affected by the temperature in the cab. You can race in Death Valley in July and your pyrometer will still be right on the money. A conventional pyrometer only measures the difference in temperature between the exhaust and the gauge head, and that can result in errors. That gauge head could be 0 F on a cold day, and 200 F on a hot day (particularly with a dark colored truck and interior). Does it matter to you if you're running at 1250 F or 1450 F?

How does the plug and play function of the gauges work?
Gauges daisy chain together and snap into pods. They can be exchanged in minutes without tools. If you have a sensor connected to the ESP, and install the corresponding gauge, the gauge will recognize its signal and respond instantly. ISSPRO is the only gauge manufacturer to provide this level of functionality.

What parts come with a PERFORMAX gauge?
Each PERFORMAX gauge kit includes sensors, harnesses and all components required for a typical installation. The only exception to this is the pyrometers. A thermocouple is included with the gauge, but the lead wire needs to be purchased separately in order to get the right length. Lead wires come in 2 lengths, 5í(R66055) and 8í (R66088) to allow for left or right bank installation without having too much extra wire.

How many gauges can I run at one time?

PERFORMAX is designed to allow up to 17 gauges to operate simultaneously with a single ESP. Now, does anyone really want view 17 gauges at one time? Probably not. However, once a sensor is connected the ESP, you can unplug one gauge and plug in the next whenever you please. You can literally change the vehicle systems you are monitoring according to the terrain, the way you are using your truck (freeway driving vs. racing, for instance) or your whim.

How can 3 wires run 17 different gauges AND their backlighting?
The 3 wires are 7V regulated power, ground, and data network. The PERFORMAX ESP reads the data from the sensors connected to it, then sends those messages out on the network. Each gauge has a unique ID, and knows which message to respond to.

Can I shorten the wiring to the ESP so that it is the exact length needed for my truck?
Yes. ISSPRO sells replacement wire terminals, which can be crimped with readily available crimpers. You can even shorten the thermocouple leadwire, as the high-impedance circuitry of the ESP is not dependent on a specific leadwire length.

Why aren't there any mounting studs on the back of the gauge cases?
We've noticed that many gauge pod designs do not allow conventional gauge clamps to be used, so we designed latches into the side of the case to allow them to "snap" into the pod. This also allows you to pop a gauge out and swap it for a different type, without removing the pod. It also allows you to readily rearrange your gauge positions.

Why is the lens flat, when the ISSPRO EV gauge lenses were curved?
The curved lenses were a styling idea from a few years ago. If you've ever run with both curved lens and flat lens gauges in your truck, you notice how much more glare the curved lenses show.
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