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Hypertech Max Energy E Con Economy Power Programmer

At Thoroughbred Diesel we want to help out customers. A common concern voiced over the years, especially the last few years is just how can I save money at the gas pump? We have put a page of gas savers together for both gas and diesel trucks. The Hypertech Max Energy E-Con economy power programmer will help your gas or diesel truck use less fuel and get more power! Give us a call toll free at 866-737-4966 with any questions, we give free gas saving tips daily! Be sure to view all of our Hypertech performance products.

Hypertech's new Max Energy E-CON economy power programmer extracts every bit of energy possible out of every molecule of fuel, to give you exactly what you want...more miles to the gallon at part throttle and more power at wide open throttle!!
Max Energy E-Con logo Hypertech Max Energy E Con Economy Power Programmer
savings you won't want to miss, save fuel, get Hypertech
The Max Energy E-CON is available for both gas and diesel engine pickup trucks and SUV's. Hypertech designed the Max Energy E-CON to offer optimized tuning for standard octane on gas vehicles while offering fuel programs A and B on diesel engines. The Max Energy E-CON offers easy plug and play installation as well as the option to change settings or return the vehicle back to stock settings at any time. Another feature of the Max Energy E-CON programmer is it's ability to read and clear engine diagnostic trouble codes as well as reset "check engine" lights.

The Max Energy E-CON includes a USB cable and is capable of downloading software updates via the internet. As well as new software updates, Hypertech is also offering users the ability to upgrade their Max Energy E-CON with downloadable features. These features include top speed and rev limiter, speedometer/odometer correction, transmission shift points/firmness, and cooling fan on/off settings.

Regular fuel tuning for maximum economy (No premium fuel tunes available).
Reads and clears DTC's (check engine lights).

2 tuning levels:
Fuel Management A (Stage 2)
Fuel Management B (Stage 1)

Features NOT supported by Econ:
Speedometer recalibration
Rev limiter
Top speed limiter
Transmission shift points and firmness
Cooling fans

Key features of the Hypertech Max Energy E-Con Economy Programmer
  • Increased Economy: Hypertech designed the Max Energy E-CON to provide the most efficient fuel economy during cruising speeds, but increased power and torque at full throttle.
  • Optimized Tuning: The Max Energy E-CON Power Programmer was developed for optimized tuning for regular octane for gas vehicles and fuel programs A and B for diesel vehicles.
  • Clear Codes: The Max Energy E-CON allows users to access, view, and clear engine diagnostic trouble codes and reset "check engine" lights.
  • Option Settings: The Max Energy ECON allows users to return to stock programming or change option settings at any time with the simple push of a button.
  • Plug and Play: Easy plug and play installation allows users to hook up and reprogram their vehicle the Max Energy ECON in a matter of minutes.
  • Internet Updates: A USB cable is included, allowing the Power Programmer to be capable of downloading software updates via the internet.
  • Internet Upgrades: Hypertech has made several upgrade options available online for the Max Energy ECON. This allows user to pick and choose what features they want and download them accordingly. Available upgrade features include top speed/rev limiter adjustment, speedometer/odometer correction, transmission/shift point firmness, and cooling fan temp settings.
  • 2 Diesel tuning levels
  • Return vehicle back to stock settings
Important Note:
During programming, there must be no additional load and changes in current draw on the battery. So disconnect any accessories (such as cell phone, iPod, radar detector, or any other device) plugged into the cigarette lighter or other 12 volt outlets before starting the installation process. All electrical accessories such as the radio, windows, a/c, heater, wipers, lights, etc. must be turned "off". Keep all doors closed so that interior lights will be "off" and no alarms will be sounding. If your vehicle is equipped with OnStar, satellite radio, remote starter, or aftermarket speakers/amplifiers, you must locate and remove the fuses to disable those devices before programming.
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