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FAQ's - Bully Dog

frequently asked questions

How Do I Return My Vehicle To Stock?

To return to stock select the "install download" option from the main menu. If the downloader is loaded to the vehicle it will give you a return to stock option.

My Gt Will Not Power Down.

If your GT will not power down when the key is turned off, then you need to check that the fuse you have tapped into is an ignition power only circuit, and not one that has power continuously. You also need to check the switch on the front of the OBDII block.

How Do I Update My Bully Dog Product?

To update your Bully Dog product, use the Update Agent from the web site.

Will The GT Delete My DPF?

Bully Dog does not and will not offer DPF delete.

What Is Error 440 On My Nissan?

This error simply states that your vehicle's stock file and the Bully Dog files are not compatible. A simple update may fix the issue. If the update does not fix the issue, contact Bully Dog tech support and they will get a copy of your stock file and have the engineering team add your stock file to the next update, Nissan updates and releases every Wednesday.

Can I Get Crazy Larry For My Bully Dog Product?

At this time Bully Dog does not have a Crazy Larry option available.

The Update Agent Will Not Recognize My Bully Dog Product.

If the Update Agent does not recognize your Bully Dog device you are most likely working with a device that is discontinued or has been superseded by another product.

My Truck Will Not Start After I Install The Bully Dog Product?

The first thing you need to do if you encounter this issue is return the vehicle to stock. The vehicle should start and run after that. The next step is to update the Bully Dog device via the Update Agent on the Bully Dog website.

When Installing My Bully Dog Product On My 99-03 7.3 Power Stroke The Bully Dog Device Gets Stuck On Turn Key To Run Position.

If the Bully Dog device sticks when it tells you to turn key to the run position, you most likely have the wrong fuses pulled. 99-01 pull fuse 16 and 19 02-03 pull fuses 35 and 41.

My Ford 6L Is Not Getting Any Extra HP With The Newest Version On The Triple Dog.

If you are not feeling any power with the newest Triple Dog software contact our tech support and they will be happy to back date your current software.

Why Don't You Offer A Certain Option For My Vehicle?

Not all options are available on a vehicle's hardware. Options vary from vehicle to vehicle and may not be available on your particular make and model.

My Bully Dog Product Will Freeze In The Middle Of A Download.

Try installing with a battery charger maintaining voltage. Yes, even if the battery is brand new.

How Do I Change My Download Options?

From the main menu choose the install download option. The sub-menu will then present you with options to change settings or return to stock.

My GM Gets Error 357 And 358.

If you have pulled the correct fuses and the vehicle is returned as close to stock as you can make it and you still get the error, your GM vehicle is not going to be compatible. The GM hardware is the limiting factor.

My Bully Dog Device Will Not Load Back To My Truck After I Return From The Vehicle Dealer.

Your vehicle was most likely flashed with the manufacturer diagnostic tool. Hopefully you returned your vehicle to stock. If you did return the vehicle to stock and the Bully Dog still will not load, try an update. There is a possibility the manufacturer updated the vehicle beyond the Bully Dog product's ability to load to the vehicle.

Does bully dog offer custom tuning?

At this time we don't offer custom tuning.

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