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Exhaust Systems

frequently asked questions
These FAQ's are provided by MBRP and are specific only to this brand.

What Is The Difference Between T304 And T409 Stainless?

T304 stainless steel will not oxidize or rust, it can however develop a golden color when exposed to high heat over time. T409 stainless steel has a fair amount of ferrous material in it and can show surface oxidization after some time, especially when exposed to road salt. This can be prevented by applying a stainless steel cleanser using a scouring pad. If you are concerned about long-term appearance, you should get the T304 system. If you are more concerned about the price, but want something that is more durable than aluminized steel, then the T409 system would be the system of choice.

What Improvements Can I Expect In Torque, Hp And Temps?

While performance gains vary depending on the vehicle you can expect a gain of 5% to 10% in horsepower and torque. For example, with a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado with a Duramax diesel engine you will see a gain of 18 HP. and 28 ft/lbs measured at the rear wheels. You can also expect a reduction in exhaust gas temperature (EGT) by approx 200° F.

Is There A Difference In Performance Between Duals And Single Exhaust Systems?

The performance gains are the same for duals and single systems. The duals offer a deeper more aggressive sound over the single system. This is due to the extra tail pipe and the fact that most dual systems have a slightly different muffler configuration than the single systems.

What Does "Off - Road" Mean?

An "Off-road" system is designed to deliver all out power gains. These systems make no provisions to retain the factory catalytic converter. Some jurisdictions do not allow the removal of your vehicle's catalytic converter therefore they can only be legally used off of the highways.

Will I Be Able To Keep My Spare Tire In Place If I Get A "Cool Duals" System?

Generally, MBRP designs all of its systems to retain the factory spare tire. The only exception to this is the "Cool Duals" system for the Chev/GMC Colorado and Canyon (Part No. S5028AL, S5028304, S5030AL, S5030304)

Do Your Exhaust Kits Include All Clamps & Instructions?

Our kits come complete with all the required hardware as well as clear, easy to read instructions with lots of pictures to help you work your way through your installation.

Will I Have To Weld Any Components When Installing An MBRP System?

None of our exhaust systems require any welding. In fact, our systems can be installed using common hand tools.

Will Your Systems Fit To A Dually Truck?

All of our exhaust systems will fit dual rear wheel (dually) trucks. We do recommend that tips be installed to extend the exhaust and avoid any discoloration of your vehicle.

What Size Is Your Exhaust?

For diesel vehicles we offer performance exhaust systems in 4" and 5" diameter pipe. Due to fitment issues, some of the diesel systems come with a 3.5" down pipe. Our Performance Gas single systems use 3.5" tail pipes while the Cool Dual" systems use 2.5" tail pipes. The front pipes on the MBRP Sport Truck systems vary from 2.5" to 3.5" depending on the size of the factory exhaust.

What Is Your Down Pipe Size For The Ford?

There are a few different sizes for down pipes for Ford trucks. For 94-97 trucks the pathway for the down pipe is very restrictive. In fact, the factory down pipe for these trucks are flat, approximately 1.5" in height. Our down pipe is 3" in diameter. For the 99-03 model years with the 7.3L Power Stroke diesel the down pipe is 4" and the 03-06 model years with the 6.0L Power Stroke diesel the down pipe is 3.5".

Will This System Fit To My Truck Bed Size?

The majority of our diesel and many of our performance gas systems are designed to fit all bed sizes and cab configurations.

What gauge is the steel that mbrp uses?

All of the pipes are made from 14 and 16ga. tubing.

Will The Dual Exhaust Fit Around My Hitch?

All of our diesel exhaust systems will fit with factory installed trailer hitches as well as most aftermarket bolt on hitches. You may run into interference problems if you have a fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch installed. In that case we recommend installing a single system.

Does MBRP Make An Exhaust For The Ford F-450 Or F550?

We now offer a turbo back system for the 6.0L Ford F350/F450/F550. We also sell both single and "Cool Duals" filter back systems for the 6.4L Ford F350/F450.

Is The Mirror Polished Diesel Tip Included?

Tips are included with all of our 4" diesel applications (except the Performance Series.) Tips are included in all of our Performance Gas applications except the off-road systems where the tail pipe is a turn down style for added clearance.

At What Location Does The Exhaust Tail Pipe Exit Out On The Truck?

All of our single exhaust systems, either for gas or diesel exit behind the passenger side rear wheel. Our "Cool Duals" for diesel trucks exit behind the rear wheels. We offer you a choice for "Cool Duals" on your gas powered trucks of either out the side exiting behind both rear wheels or straight out the back on both sides.

Does MBRP Make Exhaust Systems For The Cab & Chassis Trucks?

We now offer a turbo back system for the 6.0L Ford F350/F450/F550 Cab and Chassis configuration.

What Exhaust Tip Is Included With MBRP Exhaust Systems?

Our 4" Pro Series diesel systems come complete with dual walled angle tips. For the "Cool Duals" they are the angled T5053 and the single has a straight cut T5049. The XP and Installer Series have our T5051 angled rolled end tips. Our Performance Gas, Muscle car and Jeep exhaust have a variety of tip designs to suit the style and application. In all cases the tips are mirror polished T-304 stainless steel save for our Black series systems which have a coated black tip. Our 5" diesel, Performance series and PLM systems do not have a tip included nor do systems with a turn down tail.

Do You Make A Turbo Down Pipe For The Duramax?

In the fall of 2009 we introduced the GM8424 3" down pipe for all LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax engines coated in a high heat black finish.

Which Way Should I Install The Muffler?

The muffler on the single diesel exhaust systems should be installed to allow the exhaust gasses to flow smoothly over the louvers on the muffler core. If the muffler is installed so that the louvers catch the exhaust gases it will increase resonance levels inside the vehicle.

What Warranties Do I Receive With MBRP Exhaust?

Pro Series (T-304 stainless steel) - Lifetime warranty. XP Series (T-409 stainless steel) - Lifetime warranty. Installer Series (Aluminized) - Three (3) years. Black Series - Three (3) years for the components; One (1) year for the coating. Performance and PLM Series - Two (2) years. Remember: You MUST send your warranty card and a proof of purchase to MBRP to activate your warranty. All warranties are from the date of purchase.

How Should The Duals Muffler Be Mounted... Vertical / Horizontal?

It depends on the model of vehicle involved. The systems for the Chev/GMC Duramax and the Ford Power Stroke position the muffler outlets vertically. The systems for the Dodge trucks with the Cummins motor have the muffler positioned with the outlets horizontal.

Can I Leave The Catalytic Converter In?

Yes, the catalytic converter can be retained for all current model trucks. Be sure you have purchased the correct system that will allow you to retain the converter.

What Are The Dimensions Of The MBRP Tips?

We have various sized tips from 2 1/2" to 6". All of our tips are available in mirror polished T-304 stainless steel and many are now available in black.

What Are The Advantages Of A MBRP Exhaust Compared To The Stock?

By installing an MBRP exhaust system you will see an increase in horsepower and torque. Fuel mileage gains may be noticed as well as a decrease in exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs). By lowering EGTs you will increase your turbo longevity.

What Style Of Muffler Is Used?

The muffler used on all of our diesel systems is a straight flow through design with a spiral louver core. The muffler is packed with stainless steel wool which is then wrapped with a ceramic fiber blanket. This combination creates the deep mellow exhaust note that MBRPinc. systems are known for. Our Performance Gas systems use a variety of high flow muffler designs utilizing the same spiral louver core design as our diesel mufflers or tuned chamber designs specific to the application intended.

Will MBRP Cool Duals Fit To My Truck If I Have Goose Neck Hitch?

We do not recommend installing "Cool Duals" on vehicles equipped with a goose neck hitch. The under bed structure of the goose neck hitch and the driver side tail pipe interfere with each other. We recommend using a single exhaust system if a goose neck is installed on the vehicle.

Does MBRP Build Stacks For Trucks?

MBRP produces the most extensive range of pick-up truck stacks under the SMOKERS brand. Choose between singles or duals in 4" diameter pipe to 5". Add on any of a variety of stacks, from 4" to 8" diameter, Turn Out, Aussie, Angle Cut or Straight in T-304 mirror polished stainless steel or black coat we have the stack system to match your personal sense of style.

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