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Test Vehicle: 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 DRW, 6.7 Cummins, Standard Shift
Current Mileage: 42,508
Testing For: Fuel Economy, Horsepower Gains, Torque Out Put
Course: 44mile round trip, including interstate and in town driving, loaded and unloaded
Load: 10,000lb trailer
Horsepower/Torque Testing: Completed on a Mustang Dynamometer, in house


Edge Products Juice With Attitude CS P/N 31005
Product Notes:
The Edge Juice with Attitude CS for our 2010 Dodge performed flawlessly. As always the shift on the fly feature and monitoring abilities of the CS make the Juice with Attitude a well rounded product that provides better fuel economy, better efficiency, and a better driving experience for the customer. One of the most helpful features of the CS monitor was the Regen indicator light. This let us know when the truck was in regeneration and we were able to change our driving habits accordingly to attempt to regain some fuel economy. We elected not to tow our test trailer above level 2, and as you can see from our test results the truck went into regeneration mode during the level 2 unloaded test greatly affecting fuel economy. This module with its monitoring capabilities should give customers a greater understanding of their trucks functionality with its monitoring capabilities.
Stock Horsepower Results
322.5 577.4 5th Gear, DPF On
Stock Mileage Results
Unloaded Loaded Notes
15.09 9.6 DPF On
Horsepower Results Edge J/A CS P/N 31005
342.2 624.3 Level 1, 5th Gear, DPF On
381.4 683.5 Level 2, 5th Gear, DPF On
407.9 730.1 Level 3, 5th Gear, DPF On
415.5 729.4 Level 4, 5th Gear, DPF On
424.2 763.2 Level 5, 5th Gear, DPF On
Mileage Results Edge J/A CS P/N 31005
Unloaded Loaded Notes
15.73 11.16 Level 1, DPF On
13.8 10.41 Level 2, DPF On, Regen on Unloaded test.
15.23 N/A Level 3, DPF On
16.00 N/A Level 4, DPF On
16.43 N/A Level 5, DPF On
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