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TS MP8 Test Vehicle: 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 DRW, 6.7 Cummins, Standard Shift
Current Mileage: 42,508
Testing For: Fuel Economy, Horsepower Gains, Torque Out Put
Course: 44mile round trip, including interstate and in town driving, loaded and unloaded
Load: 10,000lb trailer
Horsepower/Torque Testing: Completed on a Mustang Dynamometer, in house
Products Tested: TS Performance MP8 P/N 1110304
Product Notes:
The TS MP8 P/N 1110304 was a very easy module to install. This module was non adjustable and made 100hp just like the manufacturer claims. Before installation we installed the HS Fuel Rail Plug P/N 409902 to maintain fuel rail pressure. The truck had great throttle response after installation and the driver was very pleased. Fuel mileage increase both loaded and unloaded was 1 MPG. The truck did throw a intermittent Service Engine Soon light for a code P020A, P020B, and P020E. All three of these codes are fuel pressure related defined by Chrysler as “the pcm detected an unintended fuel injection". After research we have found that these codes have appeared on unmodded trucks, and the code did not affect truck performance.
Stock Horsepower Results
Dyno Chart HP TQ NOTES
322.5 577.4 5th Gear, DPF On
Stock Mileage Results
Unloaded Loaded Notes
15.09 9.6 DPF On
Horsepower Results TS MP8 P/N 1110304
Dyno Chart HP TQ NOTES
421.6 738.9 5th Gear, DPF On
Mileage Results TS MP8 P/N 1110304
Unloaded Loaded NOTES
16.37 10.99 DPF On
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