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Diablo Sport Programmers
Home > Diablo Sport > DiabloSport inTune i2 | 50 State Legal
Diablosport inTune i2
Fits: 1996-2015 Gas Coverage
on sale
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Diablosport inTune i2 | 50 State Legal

Diablo Part # i2050
Thoroughbred Part # DSPi2050
Fits: 1996-2015 Gas Coverage
  • New "Easy Tune" mode for simple installation
  • Dyno tested performance programs
  • Blazing Fast Vehicle Read/Write Times
  • Windows, Mac OSX and Linux connectivity
  • OBD-II Data Logging
  • Check and Clear DTCs
  • Purchase multi-vehicle licenses
  • WiFi Updates
  • Ford, GM, Dodge/Chrysler, Jeep all in one SKU

inTune i2

Diablo's 50 state legal gas inTune i2, i2050, delivers the same great gas tuning customers have grown to love, along with coverage under Executive Order # D-770. Sell best-in-class power to customers that require emissions certification for aftermarket parts installed on their vehicle. Here is one of the many reasons Diablo outshines the competition. Sell power, quality, and assurance with the i2050 inTune2 gas programmer!
Diablosport inTune i2

Diablosport inTune i2

Diablosport inTune i2

Diablosport inTune i2 Diablosport inTune i2 Diablosport inTune i2

Diablosport inTune i2

50 State Legal Diablo i2050 i2 InTune Applications:
Chevrolet Silverado 2014-2015 4.3L
Chevrolet Silverado 1999-2013 4.8L
Chevrolet Silverado 1999-2015 5.3L
Chevrolet Silverado 2000-2015 6.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 2009-2015 6.2L
Chevrolet Silverado 2000-2006 8.1L
Chevrolet Colorado 2008-2011 2.9L
Chevrolet Colorado 2015 3.6L
Chevrolet Colorado 2008-2012 3.7L

Chevrolet Colorado 2008-2012 5.3L
Chevrolet Tahoe 2000-2011 4.8L
Chevrolet Tahoe 2000-2015 5.3L
Chevrolet Tahoe 2011-2015 6.2L
Chevrolet Avalanche 1999-2010 5.3L
Chevrolet Avalanche 1999-2010 6.0L
Chevrolet Suburban 2000-2015 5.3L
Chevrolet Suburban 2007-2015 6.2L
Chevrolet Suburban 2007-2009 5.3L
Chevrolet Suburban 2000-2015 6.0L
Chevrolet Suburban 2001-2010 8.1L
Chevrolet Corvette 1999-2004 5.7L
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2002-2004 5.7L
Chevrolet Corvette 2005-2008 6.0L
Chevrolet Corvette 2009-2015 6.2L

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2006-2015 7.0L  
Chevrolet Camaro SS 1999-2002 5.7L
Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010-2015 6.2L
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2012-2015 7.0L
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1999-2003 5.7L
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 2014-2015 7.0L
Chevrolet SSR 2003-2006 5.3L
Chevrolet SSR 2003-2006 6.0L
Chevrolet Impala SS 2006-2009 5.3L
Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 2006-2009 5.3L
Chevrolet Trailblazer SS 2006 6.0L
Chevrolet SS Sedan 2014-2015 6.2L
Chevrolet Cruze 2011-2015 1.4L Turbo
Chevrolet Sonic 2012-2015 1.4L Turbo
Chevrolet Trailblazer 2006 5.3L
Chevrolet Trax 2015 1.4L Turbo

GMC Sierra 2014-2015 4.3L
GMC Sierra 1999-2013 4.8L
GMC Sierra 1999-2015 5.3L
GMC Sierra 2000-2014 6.0L
GMC Sierra 2009-2015 6.2L
GMC Sierra 2000-2006 8.1L
GMC Canyon 2008-2011 2.9L
GMC Canyon 2015 3.6L

GMC Canyon 2008-2012 3.7L

GMC Canyon 2008-2012 5.3L 
GMC Yukon 2000-2006 4.8L
GMC Yukon 2000-2015 5.3L
GMC Yukon 2010-2015 6.2L
GMC Yukon XL 2000-2015 5.3L
GMC Yukon XL 2000-2015 6.0L
GMC Yukon XL 2007-2015 6.2L
GMC Yukon XL 2001-2010 8.1L

Ford F150 2011-2015 3.5L EcoBoost
Ford F150 2004-2010 4.2L
Ford F150 2005-2010 4.6L
Ford F150 2011-2015 5.0L
Ford F150 2005-2010 5.4L
Ford F150 2011-2014 6.2L
Ford F150 Raptor SVT 2011-2014 6.2L
Ford F-150 Lightning 1999-2004 5.4L Supercharged
Ford F250 2005-2010 4.6L
Ford F250 2011-2015 5.0L
Ford F250 2011-2014 6.2L
Ford F250 1999-2010 5.4L
Ford F250 Superduty 1999-2010 6.8L
Ford F350 Superduty 1999-2010 6.8L
Ford Mustang 2011-2015 3.7L
Ford Mustang 1996-2004 3.8L
Ford Mustang 2004 3.9L
Ford Mustang 2005-2010 4.0L
Ford Mustang 2011-2015 5.0L
Ford Mustang 2005-2010 4.6L
Ford Mustang GT500 2007-2012 5.4L
Ford Mustang GT500 2013-2014 5.8L
Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2015 2.3L Turbo
Ford E-250 1999-2008 5.4L
Ford E-250 1999-2008 6.8L
Ford E-350 1999-2008 5.4L
Ford E-350 1999-2008 6.8L
Ford Excursion 1999-2005 6.8L

Ford Explorer 2005-2010 4.2L
Ford Explorer 2005-2010 4.6L

Ford Ranger 2007-2011 2.3L
Ford Ranger 2007-2011 3.0L
Ford Ranger 2007-2011 4.0L
Ford F-Series Gas 2015 2.7L EcoBoost
Dodge Ram 1500 2003-2014 5.7L
Dodge Ram 2500 2003-2014 5.7L
Dodge Ram 2011-2014 3.6L
Dodge Ram 2005-2014 4.7L
Dodge Challenger 2009-2010 3.5L
Dodge Challenger 2011-2014 3.6L
Dodge Challenger 2011-2014 5.7L

Dodge Challenger 2010 6.1L
Dodge Challenger 2011-2014 6.4L
Dodge Charger 2006-2010 3.5L
Dodge Charger 2011-2014 3.6L

Dodge Charger 2007-2014 5.7L
Dodge Charger 2010 6.1L
Dodge Charger 2012-2014 6.4L

Dodge Avenger 2008-2010 2.7L
Dodge Avenger 2008-2010 3.5L
Dodge Avenger 2011-2014 3.6L
Dodge Durango 2005-2010 5.7L
Dodge Durango 2006-2010 5.7L
Dodge Durango 2011-2014 3.6L
Dodge Durango 2011-2014 5.7L
Dodge Durango 2005-2010 4.7L
Dodge Magnum 2005-2008 3.5L
Dodge Magnum 2005-2008 5.7L
Dodge Magnum 2005-2008 6.1L
Dodge Dakota 2008-2011 4.7L

Dodge Neon SRT4 2003-2005 2.4L Turbo
Dodge Caliber SRT4 2008-2009 2.4L Turbo

Buick Encore 2013-2015 1.4L Turbo

Lincoln Mark LT 2006-2008 5.4L

Cadillac ATS 2013-2015 2.0L Turbo
Cadillac ATS 2013-2015 3.6L
Cadillac CTS 2013-2015 2.0L Turbo
Cadillac CTS 2013-2015 3.6L

Cadillac CTS-V 2007-2008 6.0L
Cadillac CTS-V 2010-2015 6.2L
Cadillac CTS-V 2004-2005 5.7L
Cadillac Escalade 1999-2007 5.3L
Cadillac Escalade 1999-2006 6.0L

Cadillac Escalade 2007-2015 6.2L

Hummer H2 2008-2009 6.2L
Hummer H2 2003-2007 6.0L
Hummer H3 2008-2009 5.3L

Pontiac GTO 2004 5.7L
Pontiac GTO 2005-2006 6.0L
Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 2005-2009 5.3L
Pontiac G8 2008-2009 6.0L
Pontiac G8 2008-2009 6.2L

Chrysler 200 2011-2014 3.6L
Chrysler 300 2005-2010 3.5L
Chrysler 300 2011-2014 3.6L
Chrysler 300 2005-2014 5.7L
Chrysler 300 2005-2010 6.1L
Chrysler Sebring 2008-2010 2.7L
Chrysler Sebring 2008-2010 3.5L
Chrysler PT Cruiser GT 2003-2006 2.4L Turbo
Chrysler Aspen 2007-2009 5.7L

Jeep Wrangler TJ 2005-2006 4.0L
Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2011 3.8L
Jeep Wrangler JK 2012-2014 3.6L
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005-2006 3.5L
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011-2014 3.6L
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2007-2014 5.7L
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005-2010 6.1L
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011-2014 6.4L
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2012-2014 3.6L
Jeep Commander 2006-2010 4.7L
Jeep Commander 2006-2010 5.7L

Mazda B Series 2007-2011 2.3L
Mazda B Series 2007-2011 3.0L
Mazda B Series 2007-2011 4.0L

Pontiac Firebird 1999-2002 5.7L
Pontiac Trans Am 1999-2002 5.7L

Featuring the latest generation ARM processor. The device's display has a higher resolution screen and an exceptionally responsive touch pad.

DiabloSport's pre-loaded tunes are dyno and street tested to ensure optimal power and drivability gains. Basic installation, big power gains!

Easy tune asks you for what octane gas you want to run, if you’ve changed your tire size, if you want to remove the speed limiter and more. It's the perfect way to drop a tune on your ride in minutes!

Start off with DiabloSport's preset performance tunes and make changes that suit your performance needs. Adjust options like timing, fueling, idle, speed limiters, rev limiters, tire size, gear ratios and more.

The i2 retrieves diagnostic data of how your vehicle's tune is performing. Export all of your data to a PC and play it back on DiabloSport's Data Viewer logging software.

Regardless of whether you purchased an i2 for a Chrysler, Ford, or GM- you can buy an additional license to tune ANY vehicle supported by DiabloSport!

Update your i2 software on virtually any computer- Mac, Windows, Linux. Update times are faster than ever, even large updates only take about 5 minutes.

Holds up to 5 custom tunes. Use our worldwide network of CMR tuners to step above our canned tunes.
Diablosport inTune i2 FAQ's
Q: Does the inTune i2 include everything I need to tune my vehicle in the box?
A: Yes—inTune includes the tuner, a USB to mini-USB cable, a quick start guide, and an OBD-II Connection cable.

Q: Can I update the inTune on my Mac computer?
A: Yes—the inTune i2 is pre-loaded with software that will allow for updates on Mac OS X. Note, this installation requires Java Installation.

Q: Is the inTune an App for iPhone or Android?
A: No—the inTune i2 is a color touch screen tuning device designed and manufactured by DiabloSport, Inc. While the unit may look like a smart phone it is actually smaller and more light weight than your typical android or iPhone device.

Q: What's the Difference Between the inTune and the Trinity?
A: The Trinity and inTune i2 share the same tuning parameters and tune options; however, the Trinity is designed to mount in a vehicle Trinity has gauges, i2 does not. The i2 offers users faster programming speeds, easier updates, Mac compatibility, and Multi-License vehicle tuning options.

Q: How do I update my inTune i2 to work on my car?
A: The inTune i2 comes pre-loaded with tunes for late model domestic cars and trucks, but we always recommend updating it to the latest software before you tune your vehicle. To update your unit, plug into a computer via USB and run the inTune Updater software in the Updater folder.

Q: Can the inTune i2 be used as a monitor?
A: No—The inTune i2 is can record data, but it is not designed to monitor data in real time.

Q: Does the inTune record/log data from a vehicle?
A: Yes—the inTune will save up to 30 minutes of vehicle data. Data logs can be viewed with our free PC Software Data Viewer.

Q: Can I tune more than one vehicle with my inTune i2?
A: Yes—You can purchase an additional vehicle tuning license for your i2 by visiting www.diablosport.com/products/licenses.html.

Q: Does the i2 have to stay plugged in to my vehicle for it to have the tune?
A: No—The inTune i2 does not need to stay plugged in- the vehicle will be tuned until the factory settings are restored.

Q: Which part number do I need for my inTune i2?
A: The inTune i2 has three part numbers. I2010 for Chrysler vehicles, i2020 for Ford vehicles, and i2030 for GM Vehicles.

Q: What's the difference between the inTune and the inTune DCX?
A: The inTune and inTune DCX work on different vehicle years, check our application charts for more details.

Q: What's the difference between the inTune i2 and the original inTune?
A: The inTune i2 is the newest technology available from DiabloSport. We have upgraded the unit's touch screen, increased its processor power, and added tons of other user functions.

Q: Does the inTune i2 void my vehicle's warranty?
A: No—the inTune i2 does not leave any traces in your vehicle when you restore the original settings.
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Diablosport inTune i2 (50 State Legal)
Fits: 1996-2015 Gas Vehicles
Diablo Part # i2050
Thoroughbred Part # DSPi2050
on sale
free shipping
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