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Diablosport Flex Fuel E85 Predator

DiabloSport is taking steps to help Americans become independent from foreign oil and support our local farmers! Using the DiabloSport FLX7193 will allow 03-07 GM trucks to run E-85 in their stock vehicle without having to purchase expensive conversion kits. This tuner modifies stock PCM programming to allow components that already lie dormant in these trucks to pick up and use ethanol in the fuel line. In the old days, this would been impossible due to the use of organic rubber in vehicle fuel lines, but for the last 10 years GM has been including synthetic fuel lines and ethanol sensors in these vehicles STOCK! Run E-85, Support America!
Diablosport Flex Fuel E85 Predator
on sale
Part Description Year/Make Year/Make
2003-2006 GM Trucks(4.8L,5.3L,6.0L,8.1L) 2003-2006 FLX7193
07 GM Classic Trucks (Old Body Style) 2007 FLX7193

This product will pay for itself over a short time through the fuel savings! E85 is considerably cheaper than regular gasoline.
  • NO conversion boxes, NO wires to cut, you don't even have to pop your hood.

  • Just plug in our DiabloSport Predator, Install the program, and fill up at your local ethanol fueling station.

  • Allows for use of Gas or any blend of Ethanol from E-5 to E-85.

  • Gains up to 30 RWHP & 30 FT/LB Torque.

    • Diagnostic Trouble Codes

    • Change Speedometer for Tire Sizes

    • Adjust Top Speed Limiters

    • and many more features

Why should I run E85 in my Vehicle?

Fuel Economy:
In comparison of E85 to running regular gasoline, our test results have shown a 10%-15% loss in fuel economy which STILL makes this a cost effective solution for daily driving. Customers can look at this as they need to fill up more often, although the cost per mile will decrease as the gasoline price is generally 20%-25% higher per gallon. OEM vehicles see about a 20%-28% loss in economy when running E85, this is where our programming and experience comes in. Our tuning is superior to the OEM programming in reguards to Flex Fuel economy.

Diablosport tuning is superior to the OEM programming in regards to Flex Fuel economy

Power Gains: With our Flex Fuel programming, customers will notice and INCREASE in horsepower and torque. Our programming is designed to give max performance with no drivability issues or worries about running the "ragged edge." Customers can simply pull up to the pump and fill with either fuel blend.

Piece of mind: When a customer can go to the local gas station, fill with fuel, and drive away knowing they are supporting his neighbor and local farmer, they know the money spent is being invested back in the home community. E85 is a cleaner burning fuel and emits significantly less harmful emissions compared to gasoline.

NOTE: This product CAN NOT ship to California due to CARB regulations.
Diablosport Flex Fuel E85 Predator Part # Price Order
99-02 Gm Trucks and Suvs (4.8L,5.3L,6.0L,8.1L)
Flex Fuel Tuner Run Ethanol In Your Truck
FLX7198 $311.00
2003-2006 GM Trucks (4.8L,5.3L,6.0L,8.1L)
2007 GM Classic Trucks (Old Body Style)
FLX7193 $311.00
Diablosport-Predator PC Interface Kit
Diablosport-Predator PC Interface Kit
U7777 $32.12
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DiabloSport Predator PC Interface Kit (optional) $32.12 (order above)

DiabloSport predator PC interface kit
(used to download updated programming for the Diablo predator)
What is the PC Interface Kit?

PC Interface Kit allows you to connect your Predator to your PC. This is necessary if you want to: *Update Predator software revision * Export your Current Tune from predator to your PC This is needed if you want a Custom Tune to be created for your vehicle. *Upload Custom Tunes into the Predator Custom Tunes are available from your DiabloSport dealer. *Ford vehicles only: Export the Live Data Log from the Predator to PC in order to be viewed using our free Windows DAT Viewer *Ford vehicles only: Stream the Live Data while driving from the Predator to laptop in order to be viewed using our free Windows DAT Viewer.
What comes with the Kit? NOTE: If your PC has only USB connector (doesn't have a DB9 serial connector), you will have to purchase a commonly available Serial-to-USB adapter (not included in the kit). The PC Interface Kit contains a DiabloSport approved DB9 to DB9 serial extension cable and a 12 Volt 1 Amp power supply. You can also use your own cable and/or power supply, or buy them from other sources: *The cable is a standard (straight-through) serial cable, also called DB9 Male-Female cable or DB9 9-wire Serial Cable Extension. (Radio Shack part no: 26.117B) *In order to power the Predator up at your desk, you will also need a 12 Volt (1 Amp minimum) power supply. The plug tip is 2.5mm x 5.5mm, female, and center is positive. (Radio Shack part no: 273-1776)
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