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CP3 Pumps
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CP3 Pumps

In the case of the ’01-to-’10 Duramax and ’03-to-present Cummins, the heart of the common-rail system has been the Bosch CP3. Unlike previous (pre-common-rail) injection pumps, it has fewer tasks to perform. The CP3 injection pump's sole job is to create and regulate high-pressure fuel (it's not timed with the engine's crankshaft and camshaft). The fact that the CP3 came from Bosch's heavy-duty line of injection pumps also speaks to its great reliability, as it was designed to play a vital role in million-mile engines. Shop below for your cp3 injection pump. We offer all your favorite brands like Fleece Performance, Industrial Injection, BD Diesel, and more. PPE also offers a nice inlet fitting for your CP3 pump at a affordable price. If you have any questions about cp3 pumps and your diesel truck, stop clicking and call us toll free at 866-737-4966.
industrial injection cp3
Industrial Injection
CP3 Pumps
fleece performance cp3
Fleece Performance
CP3 Pumps
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BD Diesel
CP3 Pumps
H&S Motorsports CP3
H&S Motorsports
CP3 Pumps
ddp cp3
Dynomite Diesel
CP3 Pumps
S&S Diesel Motorsport
S&S Diesel Motorsport
CP3 Pumps
ATS Diesel Twin CP3 Fuel System
ATS Diesel
Twin CP3 Fuel System
PPE Dual Fueler CP3 Pump Kit
PPE Dual Fueler
CP3 Pump Kit
PPE CP3 Pump Inlet Fitting
PPE CP3 Pump
Inlet Fitting
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