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Rapid Power Mercedes-Benz & Volkswagen Modules

Rapid Power Module
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The Rapid Power module improves fuel economy; testimonials given by testers mention significant increases in fuel economy. These modules improve fuel economy by improving the efficiency of the fuel that is used, therefore the rapid power module allows the vehicle to produce the same power as stock using less fuel. Improvements in fuel economy are dependant upon driver habits and vehicle application.

These modules are available for diesel passenger vehicles and light commercial applications such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, and the popular commercial Sprinter Van.

NOTE: This product CAN NOT ship to California due to CARB regulations.
Rapid Power Moduel for Passenger Vehicles
Rapid Power Module for Mercedes Benz & Volkswagen

More Power: The Rapid Power Module is a plug-in performance module, designed to improve the power and performance output by improving the efficiency of the vehicles fuel injection system. The result is, of course, more horsepower. Some of the applications can see 25 more horsepower and 30 lbs ft. of torque through the entire power band while reaching peaks of 35hp and 40 lbs. ft. Torque (See the dyno Chart on the next page). Unlike some of our other products these modules do not tune the engines for a huge gain in peak to peak horsepower but rather focus on where the power really counts. In turn these modules increase power output more through the lower-mid to upper-mid level RPM range. The peak to peak horsepower is also increased but just not as dramatically as the rest of the power band. Each SKU is designed with their specific engine application in mind so all of the engine tuning software is tailored to the application.

Adjustability: The modules that are available for the Volkswagens are adjustable, users will notice a significant difference between the easy to use adjustable power settings. The Mercedes modules do not have adjustable power settings.

Installation: These modules are extremely easy to install, taking no more than 20 minutes total install time. Installation does not require any mechanical experience; the modules come equipt with OEM style plugs so they plug inline with OEM systems seamlessly.

Part # Rapid Power by engine applications Hp / Torque
44631 Mercedes 2.7L, 3.2L diesel ‘01-’06 35+ hp/40+ ft.-lbs
44632 Mercedes 3.0L V6 diesel ‘07-’10 35+ hp/40+ ft.-lbs
44633 Volkswagen 2.0L TDI ‘09-’10 25+ hp/30+ ft.-lbs

NOTE: This product CAN NOT ship to California due to CARB regulations.
Rapid Power Modules for Passenger Vehicles
01-06 Mercedes 2.7L, 3.2L diesel: $509.15
Part Number #: 44631

35+ hp/40+ ft.-lbs
07-10 Mercedes 3.0L V6 diesel: $509.15
Part Number #: 44632

35+ hp/40+ ft.-lbs
09-10 Volkswagen 2.0L TDI: $509.99
Part Number #: 44633

25+ hp/30+ ft.-lbs
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This dyno chart represents a test run vs. a stock run on a 2005 Freightliner Sprinter Van powered by a 2.7L Mercedes diesel motor. The results posted in the chart above represent only peak power curve results. Notice that greater differences between stock and the test throughout the power curves; up to 35+ hp and 40+ lbs. ft. of torque.
Rapid Power Dyno Chart
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