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Bully Dog Toyota GT T+ Gas Tuner 40450

Bully Dog Toyota GT T+ 40450

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Bully Dog Toyota GT T+ Tuner
Part Number: 40450 (One part # fits many Toyotas!)


Bully Dog is willing to lay it on the line. The Bully Dog GT Tuner is a necessity, not a luxury. Bully Dog strives each day to meet the goal of providing Tuners for every driver. To enjoy the best on or off road performance your engine can supply, look to the Bully Dog tuners.
Bully Dog Toyota GT T+ Gas Tuner 40450 FEATURES:
  • Horsepower and Torque
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Loads of Download Features like Speedometer Calibration
  • Display Over 15 Vehicle
    Parameters (Pids)
  • Vehicle Safety Alerts
  • Read & Erase Diagnostic Trouble
    Codes (DTC’s)
  • 38 Special Features (see pdf)
  • Vehicle Performance Testing
    (Including Drag Tree)
  • Exclusive Driving Coach Feature
  • Full Color Display with Multiple
    Color Themes
  • User Set Daytime and Nighttime
    Driving Modes
  • Free Internet Updates and
  • Clean and Easy Installation

The display is a key component for the Bully Dog GT. Enjoy the use of an astounding number of monitoring functions for new drivers, like speed, rpm and fuel economy; as well as monitoring functions for the motor enthusiasts who want to know everything they can, like fuel flow, load, timing and throttle position. Display up to four parameters at a time and let your Bully Dog GT do the rest!

  • Fuel Economy-Instant and average fuel economy
    Combining the timing of fuel delivery with the stroke of the pistons to perfection allows your engine to enjoy the full power of your fuel unlocking the potential of miles per gallon gains.
  • Pyro
    Add a pyro and sensor docking station (40384) to get access to a pyrometer (pyro) which measures exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs).
  • Speed
    Displays speed and can be calibrated for accuracy
  • RPM
    The GT T+ accurately displays your RPM’s to the nearest integer
  • Coolant Temperature
    Display exact coolant temperature
  • Timing
    This gauge option shows a real-time reading of the timing position as the vehicle is running.
  • Transmission Temperature
    Accurately your transmission temperature to the nearest integer
  • Throttle Position
    This gauge option shows the throttle position measurement – it is displayed as the percent open.
  • And More...

The Features of a Bully Dog Tuner go above and beyond to give customers unique control over their vehicles. The vaunted Driving Coach feature will have you making the most of every acceleration and deceleration through your drive. The Data Logging gives insight on just how well your vehicle is performing on a day to day basis. Performance Testing will give you the abilities to monitor just how good your vehicle is when you hit the throttle. These are just a fraction of the features we offer, and are part of the reason why Bully Dog’s GT is a driver’s best friend!

  • Speed Limiter
    This option allows drivers to set limits that will keep their vehicle under a certain speed or remove the speed limiter.
  • Shift Points (Auto Transmission)
    Change the RPM level at which your automatic transmission will shift gears when the throttle is wide open.
  • Driving Coach
    The Driving Coach is invaluable for teaching great efficient driving habits. Using momentum and minimizing your acceleration and braking will help your engine access the full mileage available in every gallon of gas that you put in your tank. The Driving Coach uses an efficiency bar to display when you are using your momentum correctly and using a grading system, will develop habits that will benefit your fuel economy. You have the option to use an alert system for when your driving becomes inefficient but of course you can choose to turn off these alerts in the GT T + menu.
  • Display
    The GT display is the key to a successful tune. With over fifteen vehicle parameters that can be monitored and displayed, you can watch your engines performance and keep tabs on all the measurements you care about. With one screen displaying 4 gauges at one time, and easy navigation, you will see the difference our tuner can make for your engine from a second to second basis. Multiple display options let you change between gauges and a full color display let you customize your screen to your preference.
  • Day and Night Mode
    This feature offers two modes for your GT T+ display. If switching between day and night modes doesn’t happen automatically, simply push the bottom button just to the right of the display screen and your background will go turn black, which dims your GT for minimal distraction for night time driving. Pushing the top button to the right of the display screen will make your display go back to a brighter daytime mode.
  • Install
    The clean and simple steps of install normally won’t take more than 20 minutes. Full install instructions and videos are provided at bullydog.com.
  • Internet Updateable
    The GT T+ enjoys the benefit of care and maintenance by an amazing engineering team because we are constantly seeking feedback from customers, and Bully Dog is always customizing and improving the
    programming. This means that if you run updates through bullydog.com, you will always be privy to the latest and greatest improvements that assure a high quality product. If you feel uncomfortable with the process, give our tech team a call and we will stay with you through the process.
  • DTC’s
    Codes used by vehicle manufacturers to identify problems; this information is gathered by the engine computer and accessible through the vehicle’s diagnostic port (OBDII).
  • Data Logging
    Want to record what your engine performance is doing over a period of time? Use the data logging feature to download results from a drive logged for later use. If you want to record engine performance over a period of time, use this feature.

special features
Special Features
Ever find a pre-programmed system that clashes with your preferences as a driver? For example, does
your car automatically lock or unlock when it isn’t convenient for you? Use our Special Features to turn
ON or OFF certain default settings and customize your ride just for you!

  • Display Ex Of
    This changes the brightness when canceling the lights for the indicator light of the combination meter, A/C indicator light and clock.
  • Display Ex On
    This changes the brightness when dimming the indicator light of the combination meter, A/C indicator light and clock.
  • Foot Light
    This sets the time the Outer Foot Light is on
  • Interior Lighting
    This will turn the interior light on when the ignition switch is turned from “ACC” to “LOCK”. This will also turn on the interior light, ignition light and step light on when the door is unlocked by the door key cylinder.
  • Light Sensitivity
    This adjusts the sensitivity of the lights
  • Light Auto OFF
    This will light the headlight for a time after the doors are closed with the ignition switch turned ON and the light control switch is at HEAD or AUTO and the headlight is ON
  • Light Time On
    This function changes the time between when the doors are closed and the lights go off when the light control switch is at HEAD or AUTO, and the headlight is on.
  • and More...
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Heavy Duty RAM Suction Cup
Part # 30600
$39.99 free shipping

  • Amazing Holding Power
  • Mounts to Multiple Surface Materials
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Suction Cup Works on Any Vehicle Application
  • Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty Statement: This product was manufactured in the USA by National Products Inc. RAM? Mount is a registered trademark of National Products Inc.

Part # 30600
Pyro Probe
Part # 40387
$53.99 free shipping
Pyrometer Probe for use with Bully Dog Sensor Docking Station.
Pyro Probe Kit
Part # 40384
$199.99 free shipping
The Sensor Docking Station supports a multitude of different sensor types, including:

1. Exhaust temperature sensors
2. Pressure sensors (oil pressure or boost),
3. Speed sensors
4. Temperature sensors (transmission temp, air intake temp).

The Sensor Docking Station with Pyrometer includes one pyrometer probe (thermocouple).

Pyro Probe Kit 40384
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