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BedRug Carpeted Bed Liner

BedRug Carpeted Bed Liner

Installation Instructions pdf
  • Rugged Construction Handles Heavy Cargo
  • Bleach, Oil Even Battery Acid Washes Off
  • Comfortable Knee Friendly " Cushioned Floor
  • Anti-Skid Surface Prevents Cargo From Shifting
  • Engineered for Exterior Use
  • Stain & UV Resistant
  • Easily Cleaned With Just Water
BedRug is a tough, polymer fiber surface made to protect any truck bed. BedRug provides a firm nonskid cushion for fragile cargo, while preventing dents and dings. BedRug has a heat and pressure molded foam bottom that will not scratch or scuff your truck bed like conventional hard liners do.

Essential for pickups with caps or truck bed covers; but the BedRug requires no cover! BedRug Bed liner is made in two sections; floor with tailgate, sides with bulkhead.

Forget about permanent spray-on liners and weak drop-ins. The BedRug Carpet Truck Bed Liner is your best bet for versatile truck bed protection.

What makes the BedRug such a great choice? It has the soft, non-skid top to handle fragile loads, which also makes a great seat for tailgating. And, the material is all durable plastic, which means you can also handle the heaviest, nastiest loads without reservation. Not to mention the sharp look of a custom carpeted bed.

Installing the BedRug is a simple DIY project. No messy paint drips like roll-on liners; no clumsy prying to fit into place like drop-in liners. And, cleaning is easy with either a vacuum or a pressure washer. Plus, your BedRug is covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

The toughness of plastic and the look and feel of carpet, all without the hassles of a standard bed liner. Treat your truck to the BedRug today.
Bedrug features
BedRug Features:  
  • Zipper together the two sections
  • Place BedRug in the bed of the truck, attach the hook tabs (with 3M® Adhesive) to the loop, which is sewn onto the BedRug
  • Remove backing from hook tabs and attach to truck. You're done!
  • Easily cleaned with garden hose, pressure washer, vacuum brush, or compressed air
  • Unaffected by gas, oils, chemicals and acids, such as battery acid
  • Rugged, weatherproof plastic construction
  • Your cargo rides on a nonskid surface
  • Tough protection for any truck bed
  • A firm cushion for fragile cargo
  • Prevents dents and dings
  • Ideal for sporting or boating equipment, hunting gear, golf clubs
  • Molded foam bottom will not scratch your truck bed like hard liners do
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy Installation, fits like a glove
  • Free Shipping Special on Bedrug carpeted bed liners, no hidden fees.
BedRug need a cleaning?
Just hose-off or pressure wash
Custom Fit

BedRug® is molded specifically to fit each model of each truck. The floor, tailgate, sides, and bulkhead are precisely molded and die cut to rigid factory specifications assuring a perfect custom fit!

Water Proof

Water can not be soaked up by the polyethylene closed-celled foam or the polyester marine carpet. The BedRug® foam has been certified by the U. S. Coast Guard as a flotation material.

Totally Tough

Gasoline, acids, solvents, chemical compounds, and any petroleum product will not damage the carpet or foam. The closed-cell cross linked polyethylene foam can not soak up ANY liquid. The BedRug® foam will not dry out, crumble, dissolve, or dissipate in any way. Dirt and spills can be cleaned with soap and water from a garden hose or high pressure washer.

Even works with bikes and quads
BedRug Advantages

Bed Rug Cross Section

Custom Molded for Easy Installation

  • BedRug floors, walls, tailgates and bulkheads are heat and pressure molded specifically to fit each truck model.
  • Precision die-cutting to rigid factory specifications assure that a BedRug fits like a glove!
  • All bed features such as: 2 tier loading, load locking slots, and tie down devices remain usable.
  • Easy on knees and a great sleep surface for camping.
Water/Oil/Grease/Bleach/Battery Acid Proof
  • The solid plastic polymer fiber can not be permanently marked by transmission fluid, oil, grease or gasoline.
  • Acids, solvents, chemical compounds, or petroleum products will not damage the carpet-like plastic fiber surface or foam bottom.
  • The closed-cell foam bottom will not soak up ANY liquid.
Easy Cleaning
  • Drink spills and pet accidents will not penetrate either the foam or the plastic fiber surface, simply blot them up with paper towels or other absorbent material.
  • Dirt and spills can be cleaned with soap and water using a garden hose or high pressure washer with detergent soap.
  • Oil, grease, spills, and stains, can easily be washed out with soap and water from a garden hose or high pressure washer.
  • Dry dirt, dust, scraps, or shavings can easily be cleaned with a shop or household vacuum.
  • Odors cannot be absorbed and absolutely will not linger after all odor holding particles are flushed from the carpet.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

BedRug, Inc., warrants BedRug and VanRug for pickup trucks and vans to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. BedRug bedliners will be warranted for the duration of the vehicle ownership by the original BedRug purchaser. The terms of this warranty may vary from state to state. You may have rights under specific state laws that differ from the terms of this warranty. Proof of purchase will be required for warranty service. Customer modifications and/or improper return packaging of the product may void this warranty. Product should be cleaned before return. For warranty instructions, returns and packaging contact BedRug Inc., Customer Service at 800-462-8435. Labor and shipping are not covered under the terms of this agreement.

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