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BD Diesel Performance
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BD Diesel Performance

BD Diesel Performance

BD Diesel 10% off CR Injectors
Thoroughbred Diesel is an experienced diesel company that specializes in BD Diesel Performance (BD Diesel) products for Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, and Duramax diesel pickups. Thoroughbred Diesel has all of the popular BD Diesel Performance products such as Adjustable Ford track bars, Dodge track bars, turbochargers, flexplate, steering stabilizer bar, Dodge early warning light, VP44 stealth cover, coolant filter kit, injectors, intercoolers and more! If you do not see the BD Diesel Performance product below you are searching for or have any questions stop clicking and give us a call toll free 866-737-4966.
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Below is a complete line of BD Diesel Performance products offered online at Thoroughbred Diesel in alphabetical order. If you don't see the item listed below you are looking for stop clicking and give us a call toll free at 866-737-4966.
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1.0 A/R Turbine Housing
2wd Low Gearing
48RE Pressure Enhancer
60# Valve Springs
6.4L Performance Twin Turbos
7.3L Up Pipe
Air Intake Heater
Air Intake Manifold
Accumulator Kit
Auxiliary Transmission Cooler
Banjo Bolt Upgrade
Billet Wheel Ultra Kit
Boost Control Turnbuckle
Boost Pressure Regulator Valve
Boot Lock Kit
Build-It Transmission Kits
Cam Caster Adjuster Kit
Compressor S400 Inlet Flange Kit
Compressor S400 Outlet Flange Kit
Compressor Wheel (Billet)
Compressor Wheel (Cast)
Compressor Wheel/Wastegate
Control Arms
Coolant Filter Kit
Cool Covers
Cool Down Timer
CP3 Pump Kits
Crank Case Filter Kit
Differential Covers
Dodge APPS Noise Isolator
Dodge Billet Shafts
Dodge Build-It Transmission Kit
Down Pipe 6.5L
Down Pipe Dodge 5.9L
Down Pipe Dodge 5.9,6.7L
Early Warning Light (Dodge)
Early Warning Light (Ford)
EGR Cooler Upgrade
Electronic PressureLoc
Elbow Orifice
EPAS Engine Shutdown
Exhaust Brake
Ex-Brake Ford 6.0L
Ex-Brake Ford 6.4L
Ex-Brake Ford 6.7L
Ex-Brake 6.6L

Exhaust Manifold Cummins
Exhaust Wastegated Man w/T4 Mount / 40° 98.5-17 Dodge
ISX Manifold Upgrade Cummins
Exhaust Manifold Duramax
Exhaust Manifold Ford 6.0L
Flow MaX Lift Pump Kit
Flow MaX Accessories
Fuel Distribution Block 03-09 Dodge
Fuel Distribution Block 10-17 Dodge
Fuel Heater
Fuel Plug
Fuel Stop Plate
Governor Control Kit
Governor Spring Kit
High Idle Kit
In-Line Transmission Filter Kit
Intake Elbow
Intercooler Hose & Clamp Kit
Intercooler Intake Pipe
Killer Dowel Pin Kit
Lift Pump Kit
Multi-Disc Torque Converter
Open Grid Intake Plate
Overdrive Lock-Out
P7100 Delivery Valves
Patriot Diesel Fuel Plug
PMD Extension Cable
PMD Relocation Kit 6.5L
Positive Air Shutdown
PowerMax Turbo
Pressure Enhancer
Pressure Transducer Upgrade
Pressure Transducer Adapter
Protect68 Gasket Plate Kit
ProTect68 68RFE Pressure Kit
Rumble B S400 Turbo Kit
Rumble B S467 Turbo Kit
S471 Turbo Kit
Short Shift Kit
Shut Down Solenoid
Staging Limiter
Stealth Cover
Steering Box Stabilizers
Sway Bar End Links
T4 Exhaust Manifold 03-07 Dodge
T4 Exhaust Manifold 07-17 Dodge
T4/T6 Ported Exhaust Manifold
T4-T3 Adapter Flange
T4-T6 Adapter Flange
Throttle Sensitivity Booster
Top Speed Eliminator
Torque Converter
TP38 Turbo Thruster II
Track Bar - Dodge
Trackion Bar Kit - Dodge
Track Bar Adjustable - Ford
Transmission Cooler
Transmission Pans
Triple TorqueForce Converter
Turbine Diverter Valve
Turbo Boost Builder
Turbo Guard
Turbo Blanket
Twin Piping and Plumbing kit
Universal Electric Cooling Fan Kit
Universal Exhaust Brake
Up-Pipe/Manifold Kit 6.4L
Up-Pipe Ford 7.3L
Up-Pipe Ford 6.0L
Up-Pipe Ford 6.4L
Valve Body
Valve Body Electronics Upgrade
Venom Dual Fuel Kit c/w CP3
Venom Dual Fuel Addon Kit
VE Fuel Pin & Spring
WIF Sensor
Wastegate Kits
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