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ARP Chevy Diesel Studs, Bolts, Ring Compressors

Browse our online catalog below of ARP Chevy diesel head studs, rod bolts kits, main studs, ring compressors and bolts at Thoroughbred Diesel. We are a real shop with real ARP and Duramax experience, call us toll free at 866-737-4966 for free advice.
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Thoroughbred Diesel is your source for Chevy ARP products for your Chevy diesel to assemble your engine the right way. Shop for the best deals on Duramax ARP head studs, bolt kits, lubricant, ring compressors, accessory bolts, and driveline bolts. We can get a complete line of Chevy Diesel ARP performance products. If you do not see the product you need, stop clicking and call us toll free at 866-737-4966 for a price quote. If you have the ARP part # you need, we can get your price quote quicker. Thanks and start shopping for diesel performance from ARP.

ARP automotive racing products:
They say that to be successful you must identify a need and satisfy it. Back in 1968 racing enthusiast Gary Holzapfel saw that many of his friends’ broken engines were caused by fastener failure. At the time, there were no commercially available studs and bolts up to the challenge. So Holzapfel called upon his many years of fastener making experience for a leading aerospace subcontractor and founded ARP® (Automotive Racing Products). In the ensuing years, the firm has grown from what was literally a backyard
garage workshop into a highly diversified manufacturer with five operational entities in Southern California with a combined area in excess of 148,000 square feet. These include forging, machining, finishing and packaging/warehousing facilities in Santa Paula and Ventura, California. There is even a unique racing-themed restaurant at the main Santa Paula facility (called “Hozy's Grill" - which is
open to the public)

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