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aFe Scorcher Tuner
Fits: 11-13 BMW 335i (E9x) L6-3.0L
free shipping special - no handling fees

aFe Scorcher Tuner

2011-2013 BMW 335i (E9x) L6-3.0L Part # 77-46304

The AFE Scorcher Tuner is design to calibrated and provide better performance which produced outstanding RPM range. This tuner produced a up to 60hp and 181lbs. x ft. torque, making Scorcher Tuners highly recommended for Dodge, Ford, GMC and Jeep improvements. We offer the Scorcher Tuners at very low price. You can check some of our line-up per car make and see the appropriate Scorcher Tuner to you vehicle.
  • free shipping special - no handling fees
aFe scorcher by aFe
Finally a programmer that is integrated to work with aftermarket performance products. The new Scorcher from aFe Power utilizes a fully integrated tuning system that is matched to aFe Power performance intakes, exhaust and manifolds. These tunes are designed to provide maximum performance over the entire RPM range. aFe has partnered with Superchips to develop the exclusive tunes to maximize all available power without sacrificing safety to the motor. This small hand-held unit contains multiple tunes per application that can be changed to match the driving condition (performance, mileage, towing, etc.). The easy to follow prompts make this product one of the easiest and fun ways to increase power and improve driveability.

To download the most recent Scorcher tunes, please click this link to download the software required to update your Scorcher Tuner http://www.superchips.com/Setups/ExpressUpdate/setup.exe
  • Hand-held ergonomic design
  • Amplify fuel delivery and injection timing for increased horsepower and torque
  • Optimize shift times and patterns for better placement of available power
  • Speedometer calibration resets for larger tire and gear changes
  • Read and clear check engine lights
  • Maximize control of turbo boost and variable vane control
  • Tire pressure monitoring system adjustment for extreme terrain
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Tunes are optimized to work with aFe intakes, manifolds and exhaust systems
  • Update your Scorcher with updated tunes through the internet for free
scorcher tuner
77-46304 scorcher tuner installed
scorcher tuner in box 77-46304
scorcher tuner chart
aFe Scorcher Features:
Towing Power
Optimizes for handling heavy loads.
Track Speed
Optimizes for maximum performance.
Fuel Economy
Improves fuel economy.
Off-Road Control
Optimizes the powertrain for maximum control.
Speedometer Calibration
Corrects speedometer, odometer and automatic transmission shift points (where supported) for wheel, tire and rear end gear changes.
Internet Update
Programmer is updateable over the internet providing the latest OEM released performance, economy and even safety features.
Engine Diagnostics
Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes that turn on your check engine light.
Questions and Answers
Q: Does Scorcher support custom tuning?
A: aFe Power products are engineered to be 50-state emission compliant by CARB and EPA
standards. Custom tuning will not be offered at this time.
Q: What aftermarket accessories will my Scorcher programmer work with?
A: aFe Power programmers are engineered to work with the following parts right out of the
box: throttle body spacers, shorty headers, cat-back exhaust system, and cold air intake kit.
Compatibility may vary by make and model. If you have any questions contact aFe Power
Tech support at 951.493.7155.
Q: What are the differences in the download packages/update options?
A: A 'Standard Update’ gives you the latest Scorcher operating software and tunes for your
vehicle. Standard updates download automatically when using the Easy Update software.
Once this is complete you will have the option to choose additional downloads and
features such as Data Acquisition and advanced tunes that only aFe Power supports.
Read each package to know what is right for you.
Q: How do I change my vehicle's calibration?
A: Refer to the 'Program Your Vehicle’ section in this Getting Started Guide for
detailed instructions.
Q: Why do you say you support my truck, but it doesn't seem to work on my cab
and chassis?

A: Scorcher supports 'complete’ truck lines such as Ford F-150, GM C/K 1500 and
Dodge Ram 1500. We do not support cutaway, cab and chassis for pickups built
from cab and chassis frames. These vehicles are considered incomplete.
Q: What if I have a Diesel with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?
A: Your Scorcher programmer is 100% compatible with DPF-equipped vehicles. Your
diesel vehicle is required to be equipped with a DPF to promote cleaner emissions. The
filter reduces the amount of harmful exhaust emitted from the tailpipe. As soot builds
up in the DPF, it will begin restricting the fi lter. The soot that gathers is automatically
purged in one of two ways: passive regeneration or active regeneration. Both occur
automatically and require no action on the driver's part.
Q: How do I update my programmer?
A: Your Scorcher programmer is designed to be easy to update. Simply follow the
Easy Update section of this Getting Started Guide. All you need is an internet
connection, aFe Power user name and password, and a few minutes.
aFe authorized dealer Shop with confidence! Thoroughbred Diesel is a authorized aFe Power dealer. We stock a full line of aFe with prompt shipping. Call us at 866-737-4966.
NOTE: This product CAN NOT ship to California due to CARB regulations.
Product Description Price Price
aFe Scorcher Tuner
2011-2013 BMW 335i (E9x) L6-3.0L Sensor 2
40hp and 80lbs. x ft. torque
Part # 77-46304
free shipping special - no handling fees
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