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AFE Power Products

AFE Power Products

Shop below for AFE Power products for both gas and diesel applications. Thoroughbred Diesel is a Authorized AFE Power dealer which allows us to offer the best deals on AFE cold air intakes, bladerunner charged intake manifolds, Atlas exhaust systems, differential covers, transmission pans, EGR delete kits, EGR cooler, filters, intercoolers, turbochargers and more! If you don't see it, stop clicking and call us at 866-737-4966. AFE Power products are currently on sale at Thoroughbred Diesel! Fast shipping, lowest prices, why shop anywhere else?
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Below is a complete line of aFe Power products offered online at Thoroughbred Diesel in alphabetical order. If you don't see the item listed below you are looking for stop clicking and give us a call toll free at 866-737-4966.
Air Filter
Air Intake - Momentum
Air Intake - Pro 5 R (54 Series)
Air intake - Pro Dry S (51-Series)
Air Intake - Pro Guard 7 (75 Series)
DFS780 Fuel System
Differential Covers
Differential Covers w/ Gear Oil
Downpipe (08-10 Ford)
EGR Cooler
EGR Cooler Delete - 07-08 Dodge
EGR Cooler Delete - 09-11 Dodge
EGR Track Kit - Ford 6.0L
Engine Oil Pan
Exhaust Tips - Black
Exhaust Tips - Polished
Exhaust Manifold
Exhaust System - ATLAS

Exhaust System - Large Bore

Exhaust System - Mach Force XP
Fuel Filter - Duramax

Fuel Filter - Ford
Fuel Filter - Cummins
Intake Manifold
Intercooler - Dodge
Intercooler - Ford
Intercooler - GM
Intercooler Tube
Oil Filters
Power Glide Guard
Throttle Body Spacers
Torque Booster Tube
Scorcher Tuner

Synthetic Gear Oil
Torque Converter

Transmission Pan
Turbo - 03-07 Dodge 67mm
Turbo - 03-07 Dodge
Turbo - 94-02 Dodge 76mm
Turbo - 94-02 Dodge 84mm
Turbo - 99.5-03 Ford Street Series
Turbo - 99.5-03 Ford GT Series
Turbo - 98.5-02 Dodge Street Series
Turbo - 03-07 Dodge Street Series
Wastegate Actuator
aFe bladerunner manifold
aFe BladeRunner
Intake Manifold
momentum intake
Momentum Intake
DFS Fuel System
05-10 Dodge Cummins
DFS780 Fuel System
With Progressive 5-Layer Filter (54 Series)
aFe Intake
(54 Series)
With Pro Guard 7 Filter (75 Series)
aFe Pro Guard 7 Intake
(75 Series)
With Pro Dry S Filter (51 Series)
aFe dry intake
intercooler tube upgrade kit for Duramax
Intercooler Tube
Upgrade Kit

(Cold/Passenger Side) 
intercooler tube upgrade kit for Duramax
Intercooler Tube
Upgrade Kit

(Hot/Driver Side) 
intercooler tube upgrade kit for Cummins 6.7L
Intercooler Tube Upgrade
EGR Track Kit 6.0L
EGR Track Kit 6.0L
aFe torque booster tube
aFe torque booster tube
EGR Cooler Delete
EGR Cooler Delete
EGR Cooler Delete
EGR Cooler Delete
aFe scorcher tuner
Scorcher Tuner
stainless steel exhaust tip
Diesel Exhaust Tips
black exhaust tips
Black Exhaust Tips
afe exhaust manifold
Exhaust Manifold
aFe ATLAS diesel exhaust
Aluminized Exhaust
AFE mach force XP stainless diesel exhaust
Mach Force XP Exhaust - 409 Stainless Steel
diesel exhaust
Large Bore 4" HD - Aluminized Steel
differential cover
Differential Covers
68RFE transmission pan
Transmission Pan
Bladerunner Intercooler
Bladerunner Intercooler
Bladerunner Intercooler
Power Glide Guard
Power Glide Guard
BladeRunner Turbo

03-07 Dodge Turbo
afe turbo
94-02 Dodge 76mm Turbo
aFe Power BladeRunner Turbocharger (84mm)
94-02 Dodge 84mm Turbo
aFe Power BladeRunner Turbocharger (86mm)
03-07 Dodge 5.9L Street Series Turbo
aFe Power BladeRunner Turbocharger (86mm)
99.5-03 Ford 7.3L Street Series Turbo
aFe Power BladeRunner Turbocharger (86mm)
98.5-02 Dodge 5.9L Street Series Turbo
GT Series Turbocharger
99.5-03 Ford GT Series Turbo
aFe f3 torque converter
Torque Converter
Case of Synthetic Gear Oil
Case of Synthetic Gear Oil
Wastegate Actuator
Wastegate Actuator
throttle body spacers
Throttle Body Spacers
AFE air filter
AFE Air Filter
Ford 6.4L Fuel Filter
Ford Fuel Filter
Cummins fuel filter
Cummins Fuel Filter
fuel filter
Duramax Fuel Filter
afe pro guard D2 oil filter
Pro Guard D2 oil filters
engine oil pan
14 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel
Engine Oil Pan
Magnum Force Stage 2 Intake System Cover
2014 Ram 1500 3.0L EcoDiesel
Magnum Force Stage 2 Intake System Cover
Did you know a diesel engine requires 7X more air than a gas engine? The diesel engine is the hot set up in today's performance world, and many levels of performance are emerging from the mighty diesel engine - from extra power for towing, to all-out tire-smoking drag racing. Reaching those levels of diesel performance stats with increasing airflow. When diesel owners talk filtration and airflow they talk about aFe products.

Thoroughbred Diesel offers a complete line of aFe diesel performance products. Shop below from aFe cold air intakes, full metal power intakes, bladerunner manifolds, silver bullet throttle body spacers, power glide guard, pro guard D2 oil filters and fuel filters, scorcher tuner, muffler delete pipe, EGR cooler, bladerunner intercooler, exhaust tips, mufflers, ATLAS exhaust, exhaust manifolds, wastegate actuator, 68RFE transmission pan, air filters, pro guard 7 power packs, bladerunner turbo, torque booster tube, and diesel exhaust systems. Choose from the original aFe cold air intakes with or without pro guard 7 and stage 1 or stage 2. aFe now offers the new Pro Dry S intakes as well for your Cummins, Powerstroke, or Duramax diesel pickup. We offer free shipping on aFe products.

Our proud customers are a passionate group of individuals that demand long life from their diesel engines. The start of that long life begins with healthy clean air. To keep dirt out and performance in, only one company can meet the tough standards demanded of our customers and their diesel engines, aFe.

Those standards are what makes aFe stronger, quicker and smarter. Every air filter, intake system, and all other products are engineered with the passion of enthusiasts, and a racer's heart. aFe builds these products to fit like original equipment, perform better than stock systems, filter for long life, and last like a diesel engine.

Diesel performance is in its infancy, and aFe is leading the way in diesel performance airflow and filtration. In the following months and years, diesel engines are only going to get better, faster, and smarter. Not only will we develop increased performance in diesel trucks and SUV's, but cars as well. Many diesel vehicles are poised to hit the market, ready to be tuned up with blistering power. aFe will be there making it all breathe better.
aFe authorized dealer Shop with confidence! Thoroughbred Diesel is a authorized aFe Power dealer. We stock a full line of aFe with prompt shipping. Call us at 866-737-4966.
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